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AQUATECH CHINA 2023 (shanghai) is in progress!

2023.06.06 Hits : 27

AQUATECH CHINA 2023 (shanghai) was officially launched yesterday. More than 3,400 companies from 23 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. They come from Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Russia, Japan, Korea, Germany, the United Kingdom, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam and so on, the number of exhibitors reached 100,000.Cawolo has focused on electrolytic water industry for more than 20 years.I also participated in this grand exchange meeting to share experience.Exhibition number: 5.2H816.     


This exhibition is attended by our overseas sales director Candy and Viki.With the company's full range of products.Including: alkaline water machine, hydrogen water machine, hydrogen water bottle, hydrogen suction machine and so on.Hydrogen water is becoming increasingly popular around the world because of its antioxidant properties to the human body.As the healthiest water in the world, its existence can help people solve a lot of physical discomfort, and can drink "health products" at any time.Help your body energize and get back to its best.Anti-aging, anti-inflammation, etc. In short, there are many benefits of hydrogen water, and the rest is waiting for you to discover.       


In the venue, there are many foreign customers who are very interested in our products and come to consult us. We teach them on site how to use them and what they do     



  We know that in many countries, water resources are not particularly good, there are a lot of impurities in it, we have customized a lot of suitable machines for each country's different problems to help you.We have more than 20 years of experience in the industry and believe that our technology will satisfy you if you have the time to want to own a tour.I sincerely invite you to come to Shanghai and have a look at our products.You can also go to Foshan, Guangdong, in our factory, you can see everything you want to see.


  Cawolo wants to make healthy hydrogen water available in every corner of the world. Health, safety, peace 


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