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CAWOLO at Hannover Messe

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This year's Hannover Fair officially kicked off on April 17.The exhibition theme "Industrial Transformation - Making a Difference" focuses on five main themes: Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence and machine learning, energy management, hydrogen and fuel cells, and carbon neutral production.The search for climate-neutral industrial solutions will be focused.

CAWOLO is a leading company in the hydrogen industry in China.Invited to attend the exhibition.Show the company's PEM electrolyzer and membrane electrode technology to the world.Committed to zero carbon for customers to create value.Contribute to global climate change.

Hydrogen knowledge-16

This CAWOLO exhibition products areCWLM-100,CWLS-8,HIM-52,CA-306.



H2 output flow : 100Nm3 / h

O2 output flow : 50Nm3 / h

Electrolyzer power : 520 Kw

Size : 1070 * 1000 * 1010 mm



H2 output flow : 8Nm3 / h

O2 output flow : 4Nm3 / h

Electrolyzer power : 39 Kw

Size : 438 * 330 * 461 mm  


HIM-52 Hydrogen Inhalation Machine  
output capacity :3000ml/min


CA-306 hydrogen water bottle  

Hydrogen concentration :1500-5000ppb 

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The core team of CAWOLO has more than 20 years of engineering experience in the electrolytic water treatment industry, and has a number of core research and development teams led by doctors and masters. The technical leaders of the company have doctoral degrees in chemical engineering in the United States and more than 25 years of international practical experience in PEM fuel cells, electrolytic cells and materials research and development.The company has 0.5~500Nm3/H full range of industrial PEM hydrogen production electrolyzer and system, hydrogen generator, hydrogen water bottle, hydrogen water machine and other products, widely used in energy industry, agriculture, commerce, family, medical and other fields.

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(Overseas Marketing Director-Candy Wang ; Dr.Wei ; PEM Project Manager- Ms. Wen)

cawolo news - Hannover Messe-2
The manager is explaining the products of PEM industrial hydrogen production)

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(Get an order on the spot, take a photo as a souvenir)

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Korean companies came to learn about it↑

cawolo news - Hannover Messe-12

The vice president of Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China visited the site to guide the work↑

If you are looking for hydrogen products, welcome to the exhibition and contact us.HALL-STAND NO:HALL 13 F11/1 From April 17 to April 21


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