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CHFE2023 Invitation Letter | Cawolo invites you to attend the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Exhibition and Megawatt Electrolyzer Offline Ceremony

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CHFE2023 Invitation Letter | Cawolo invites you to attend the Foshan Hydrogen Energy Exhibition and Megawatt Electrolyzer Offline Ceremony


On November 7-9, 2023, the 7th China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition (CHFE2023) will grandly open at the Qiaoshan Cultural Center in Nanhai, Foshan. As an international hydrogen energy industry event, the exhibition scope of this CHFE exhibition will basically cover the entire hydrogen energy industry chain.


As a silver partner of this exhibition, Cawolo will bring its PEM megawatt electrolyzers, hydrogen production systems, new hydrogen home appliances, and the latest megawatt PEM electrolyzers to CHFE2023, and will also hold new electrolysis products. We sincerely invite you to come to the offline ceremony of the slot, visit and exchange!


Cawolo electrolyzer mainly relies on independent core proton exchange membrane water electrolysis hydrogen production technology. It has the characteristics of small footprint, light weight, quick start and stop, easy to realize automatic control and unattended, and is suitable for onshore and offshore wind power off-grid hydrogen production, valley power energy storage and valley power hydrogen production and hydrogenation stations, and distributed The application scenarios of fluctuating working conditions such as photovoltaic power generation and hydrogen production and energy storage have become the mainstream technical solutions for hydrogen production in developed countries in Europe and the United States. Cawolo relies on the core technology of electrolyzers to provide global customers with renewable energy green hydrogen production equipment solutions.


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