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China's hydrogen medical industry leaders to guide our work

2023.07.15 Hits : 35

On the afternoon of July 13, Kavoro, the strategic partner unit of Huicang, once again welcomed two great people in the field of hydrogen medicine - Professor Sun Xuejun, honorary chairman of Shanghai Huicang Hydrogen Medical Research Center, and Professor Kang Zhimin, vice chairman. The two professors have long been committed to the popularization of hydrogen biomedical science and the application and promotion of health promotion, and have made a series of achievements in the study of the biological effects of oxygen and hydrogen, which has been widely concerned by domestic and foreign peers.


Sun Xuejun -- professor of the Second Military Medical University (Naval Medical University), doctoral supervisor, pioneer of hydrogen medical research in China, known as the first hydrogen in China


Kang Zhimin -- Associate professor, honorary Vice president of Shanghai Huikang Hydrogen Medical Research Center, former member of the hydrogen molecular Research team of Naval Medical University.      

The two professors visited the exhibition hall of Cawolo products with the senior leadership of Cawolo.Cawolois committed to the development and application of full flow of PEM electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment in all fields, creating an industrial layout of hydrogen into 10,000, and has made breakthrough progress in industry, agriculture, household and other fields.



Professor Sun and Professor Kang visited the domestic hydrogen machine, domestic hydrogen oxygen machine, hydrogen rich water cup and other products in production on the assembly line, and carried out communication and communication on the production and quality control of the core components of the product, which was highly recognized by the two professors.


Subsequently, the leaders of Cawolo and Professor Sun and Professor Kang talked freely and talked about
the current development status of the hydrogen health industry, some problems faced in the market and
market chaos.

The two sides talked about the rapid development of hydrogen medical health in recent years,
hydrogen health related products continue to pour into the market, but the early development of the industry,
the lack of relevant standards, policy guidance, making the industry regulatory authorities in the supervision
of the lack of reference standards, industry development is prone to deadlock. Enterprises should actively
participate in the standardization and development of hydrogen health industry and contribute to the
development of green and healthy hydrogen industry.

Cawolo× Huikang Hydrogen Medicine, a model of industry-university-research cooperation

As a comprehensive strategic partner of Shanghai Huicang Hydrogen Medical Research Center,
Cawolo has maintained extensive and in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the process of
enterprise development.


To carry out hydrogen scientific research projects for Cawolo, to carry out hydrogen medical research transformation, hydrogen product application innovation, and professional solutions for the application of hydrogen products for people, etc., to promote the development ofCawolohydrogen products and the development of hydrogen market, and to lay a solid foundation forCawoloto establish a foothold in the hydrogen health industry and take the lead in the industry.


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