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2023.06.19 Hits : 31

Cawolo hosted the "Hydrogen Energy Industry Standardization Development Seminar" and the "Technical Requirements for proton Proton exchange membrane water Electrolysis Hydrogen Production System" group standard launch meeting was successfully held

For the implementation of the "national standardization development outline", "difference" new energy storage development implementation plan "," hydrogen industry long-term development planning (2021-2035) "and other relevant documents spirit, improve the hydrogen system, storage, transport, with standard system construction, increase standard effective supply, on June 15,2023, by the China council for the promotion of international economic and technical cooperation standardization working committee (hereinafter referred to as" the will promote standard committee ") of" hydrogen energy industry standardization development seminar " and the proton exchange membrane water electrolysis hydrogen production system technical requirements group standard launch held in Foshan.


 The Technical Requirements of Proton Exchange membrane Hydrolysis Hydrogen Production System was drafted by Guangdong Cawolo Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., and managed by China International Economic and Technical Cooperation Promotion Association.


 The meeting was presided over by Liu Xudong, deputy director of the Standards Department of the Council promotion Committee. Wu Yongli, president of the Committee and Wang Xianfeng, secretary general of the Committee attended the meeting. Zhu Xiaojian, deputy director of Foshan Development and Reform Bureau, Zeng Weihuan, chief of standardization Section of Foshan Market Supervision Administration, Lin Junfeng, president of Foshan Hydrogen Industry Association, Zhao Jishi, president of Foshan Environment and Energy Research Institute, Hou Guoyan, director and chief technology officer of GuangdongCawolo Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., and many other leading experts attended the meeting, At the same time, invited Anhui Heli, Changchun Green dynamic, Hydrogen energy, Beijing Jia Kanger, Jiageng, innovation laboratory, Qingda low carbon green hydrogen, CIMC hydrogen energy, lion new materials, sunshine hydrogen energy, Beijing Jia'an hydrogen source technology and other 17 drafting unit experts and enterprise representatives to attend the meeting, Jointly explore and formulate authoritative technical standards for proton exchange membrane water electrolysis hydrogen production system.


Guangdong Cawolo Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd., as the leading standard drafting unit, director and chief technology officer Hou Guoyan introduced the development process and industrial layout of Cawolo to the participants, and introduced the development plan of the company in the future period of time.


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