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Domestic industry dynamics



 Green formic acid to make green hydrogen! Gulo pot energy technology and volt carbon technology held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony

On April 20, Gulo bo Energy Technology and FuCarbon Technology held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony in Hefei. Both sides to the strategic cooperation as an opportunity to volt carbon technology using "carbon dioxide formic acid" technology and solid pot energy technology "formic acid hydrogen production" technology, realize the complementary advantages of both sides, form a good industrial closed loop, so as to achieve the effect of 1 + 1 more than 2, help to create "green formic acid zero carbon row industry chain".


 Hung Kai has shipped 1.7 million films annually

Membrane electrode is known as the "chip" of hydrogen fuel cell. Hongji Innovation Technology (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in China to realize the large-scale industrialization of hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrode. Ye Siyu, academician of the National Academy of Engineering and vice chairman and chief technology officer of Hongji Chuangeng, said that the shipments of membrane electrodes reached 1.7 million in 2022, indicating that China's hydrogen fuel cell membrane electrodes have reached the international advanced level in terms of production capacity and quality.


 China's first hydrogen energy trading platform was launched

On April 20, the launch ceremony of China hydrogen energy trading platform was held in Shanghai. The platform was jointly established by Meijin Energy, Hang Seng Electronics Co., Ltd., Hydrogen Mountain Technology Co., LTD. The platform will focus on the development of hydrogen product trading, hydrogen price information and other major functions, and provide digital tracking services, online trading and settlement services for the whole process of hydrogen production, sales, transportation and logistics across the country.


 Two hydrogen companies are listed on the 2023 Hurun Global Unicorn list

On April 18, Hurun Research Institute released the 2023 Global Unicorn List, which lists unlisted companies worth more than $1 billion after founded in 2000. Hydrogen energy enterprises, China Hydrogen Technology and Guohong Hydrogen energy respectively on the list.


 Hohhot's first hydrogen energy industry equipment manufacturing enterprise settled in the economic development zone

On April 19th, the management Committee of Hohhot Economic and Technological Development Zone and Inner Mongolia Green Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment project held a signing ceremony. The total investment of the contracted project is expected to be 200 million yuan, and the annual capacity of the first phase is 1000 bid / hour 100 sets of hydrogen production alkaline electrolysis equipment. The second phase is planned to have an annual output of about 300 sets of 1000 standard square / hour alkaline electrolytic water hydrogen production equipment. After the first phase of the project, the annual output value will be about 1 billion yuan, and the tax will be about 50 million yuan.


 Remote new energy commercial vehicle Group signed a contract with Yunda Shares

On April 18, remote new energy commercial vehicle group and Zhejiang shipment of wind power co., LTD. Strategic cooperation signing ceremony was held in Hangzhou, the two sides will be in the wind, light resources, around the new energy project development, electrolysis water hydrogen production, carbon dioxide green hydrogen synthesis green alcohol give full play to the advantages, depth of industrial cooperation and capital cooperation. Remote New Energy Commercial Vehicle Group has established alcohol hydrogen technology based on Geely's 19 years of methanol automobile technology accumulation and investment, and is committed to building a green methanol ecology.


 The first batch of 100 cars! Hydrogen blue era supporting hydrogen energy heavy truck Handan delivery

On the afternoon of April 18, the delivery ceremony of the first batch of 10049-ton hydrogen heavy trucks equipped with Hebei hydrogen wo hydrogen fuel cell system was held in Handan Economic and Technological Development Zone. The batch of hydrogen heavy trucks was delivered and put into operation, becoming the first demonstration operation project of —— Hebei Hydrogen Wo Technology Co., Ltd., the regional headquarters of Hydrogen Blue Times in Hebei Province, and also the largest demonstration project of heavy-duty hydrogen transportation in Hebei Province so far.


 Sunshine Power supply and Huaneng New Energy signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On April 18, Huaneng New Energy Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sunshine Power to accelerate the coordination of scientific and technological breakthroughs and innovation, and deepen strategic cooperation in new energy equipment business, power station project development, intelligent operation and hydrogen production from renewable energy.


 The opening ceremony of the China-IRENA Cooperation Office was held

On April 18, China and the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) cooperation seminar was held in Beijing. Zhang Jianhua, Director-General of the National Energy Administration of China, and Francisco La Carmela, Director-General of IRENA, attended the meeting and jointly inaugurated the China-IRENA Cooperation Office. Nearly 100 people from 49 units, including the National Energy Administration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, IRENA, China-IRENA Cooperation Office (located in the General Hydropower Institute), local governments, energy enterprises, financial institutions, research institutions and industry associations, attended the seminar.


 Wuhai integrated demonstration project of hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and marketing was started

On April 18, Wuhai China-Pacific hydrogen energy production, storage, transportation and marketing integration demonstration project started. With a total investment of 200 million yuan, the project is scheduled to be completed and put into operation by the end of December 2023. This project uses the coke oven gas resources of Inner Mongolia Yellow River Group and the unique hydrogen liquefaction and storage technology and carbon capture technology of Zhongtai (Suzhou) Hydrogen Energy Technology Co., LTD., to build the demonstration project of "making-storage-transportation-marketing", with a hydrogen production capacity of 4400 N m3/h, about 3150 tons, liquid hydrogen production capacity of about 3150 tons, and supporting construction of 1000 square liquid hydrogen storage tanks.


 Bohai equipment the first batch of hydrogen mixed transfer steel pipe delivery

On the morning of April 17th, 6 heavy trucks loaded with spiral steel pipes started from Bohai Equipment Company and sent to the construction site of Baotou-Linhe gas pipeline project in Inner Mongolia. It is understood that this batch of steel pipe is made of X52MS steel, diameter 457 mm, wall thickness 8.8 mm. The Baotou-Linhe gas transmission pipeline project started construction in Linhe District, Bayannur City, Inner Mongolia on March 9 this year. It is the first high-pressure gas transmission pipeline with hydrogen blending function in China, which can not only transport natural gas, but also transport green hydrogen for downstream steel, chemical and other industrial industries.


 New Sky Steel united special steel to receive 30 long March hydrogen heavy trucks

On April 18, Xintian Steel Group, special steel company, if technology, potential energy jointly held the Long March hydrogen heavy truck delivery ceremony. The hydrogen heavy truck delivered this time is manufactured by Long March Automobile, a subsidiary of If Technology, equipped with fuel cell developed by potential Energy, with full hydrogen load range of 500km and 100kg carbon reduction of 100 km.


 Sinopec has supplied more than 900 tons of pure hydrogen to Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao

On April 17, according to the Information Office of Sinopec, with the gradual recovery of downstream demand for fuel cell hydrogen, the daily filling volume of Sinopec Guangzhou Petrochemical Hydrogen hydrogen cell supply Center steadily increased in April, when the daily filling volume reached 1.033 tons, a new daily filling volume in 2023. As of April 14, Guangzhou Petrochemical has supplied 911.9 tons of high-purity hydrogen to the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, promoting the development of the hydrogen energy industry in the Greater Bay Area.


 The three universities have established new undergraduate majors in hydrogen energy science and Engineering

On April 19, the Ministry of Education issued a notice on the announcement of the filing and approval results of undergraduate majors in regular institutions of higher learning in 2022. Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Anhui University of Technology and Zhengzhou University of Light Industry plan to add undergraduate majors in hydrogen energy science and engineering, all of which are four-year engineering degrees.


 Haidian District started the first year of demonstration subsidies for hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen energy technology unveiling project declaration

 On April 17, Haidian District issued the special award declaration guide for vehicle promotion and efficient operation of the first demonstration year of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and the special declaration of the key core technology of hydrogen energy.


Special award and support direction for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles: Enterprises registered and paid tax in Haidian District purchase hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and include them in the demonstration application projects, During the first year demonstration period of the purchased fuel cell vehicles (from August 13,2021 to August 12,2022), they will be connected to the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei smart hydrogen energy big data platform system; Special support direction of key core technologies: Focus on hydrogen energy and hydrogen fuel cell industry, alkaline electrolytic cell, hydrogen station integrated system, hydrogen fuel cell system, hydrogen fuel cell system, reactor, bipolar plate and membrane electrode, Release of five research directions for key core technologies of hydrogen energy, The project implementation period is 1 year.



Foreign industry dynamics


 Denmark has announced a $187 million tender to launch the green hydrogen industry

The Danish government has announced a tender for a Power-to-X project worth 1.25 billion Danish kroner ($187 million) to promote green production in Denmark. PtX technology breaks water into oxygen and hydrogen through electrolysis, which can be used in fuels, chemicals and materials. Denmark is rich in wind energy resources and has great potential to become a global leader in hydrogen production. Denmark aims to build 4-6GW of electrolysis capacity by 2030. The PtX industry is currently growing rapidly, and Denmark and Germany have recently signed a cooperation agreement to establish a land-based hydrogen energy transportation pipeline between the two countries.


 The western US states bid for $1.25 billion in hydrogen subsidies

Over the years, several US states have worked to expand their energy capacity, including hydrogen capacity. To help spread the costs, the U. S. Department of Energy provided billions of dollars to states hoping to build the Regional Clean Hydrogen Center (H2Hubs) as part of a bipartisan infrastructure bill pushed by the Biden administration. New Mexico's Western State Hydrogen Hub (WISHH), a partnership with Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, has applied to the U. S. Department of Energy for some funding. The Department of Energy will review grant applications this summer and is expected to make final financial support decisions this fall.


 The G 7 climate minister is wary of Japan's efforts to cut emissions through ammonia

The G7 Climate Ministers' Summit in Sapporo, Japan, will focus on the use of low-carbon and renewable hydrogen and its derivatives in the power sector to achieve zero-emission thermoelectric production. Japan has long proposed the idea of burning ammonia in coal-fired power plants to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and has tried to seek the support of other G 7 countries. But the G 7 climate ministers are expected to cautiously support Japan's climate targets, arguing that ammonia could only help reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuel power plants under certain conditions.


 The United States will export hydrogen to Japan

U. S. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granhope said the U. S. expects to select hydrogen fuel centers across the country by this fall and "potentially" export hydrogen to Japan, and is reviewing the recommendations. Because she feels a "sense of urgency" and to accelerate efforts to contain global warming.


 The British government has announced a two-year action plan to decarbonize aviation

The British government has unveiled a two-year action plan to achieve zero jet emissions by 2050, aiming to decarbonize, develop its economies and support hundreds of thousands of green jobs faster than any other G 7 country. The Department of Commerce and Trade (DBT) has pledged to fund the UK Hydrogen Network-Phase 0 Project as part of the Institute of Aerospace Technology (ATI) Programme.


 China and Brazil made a joint statement: the two sides are ready to work together to cooperate in renewable energy, especially hydrogen energy

Of the People's Republic of China and the federal republic of Brazil on deepening the comprehensive strategic partnership, article 30 pointed out that the two sides reiterated is willing to work together in the field of renewable energy, energy transformation and energy efficiency, especially biological energy, hydrogen energy, sustainable aviation fuel cooperation, promote the mutual investment in the field of energy transformation and research and development, innovation cooperation.


 The first batch of low-carbon ammonia was sent from Saudi Arabia to Japan for use as a fuel for power generation

The first batch of independently certified low-carbon ammonia has arrived in Japan to be used as fuel for power generation. It represents yet another milestone in the development of this low-carbon energy solution.


 Bosch has launched 90% ultra-efficient high-temperature solid oxide fuel cells

German Bosch Engineering Germany unveiled its advanced high-temperature micro-power plant, or solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), at the Hanover Expo. The company says its SOFC can convert water and oxygen into energy and water at 500 to 700 degrees Celsius, achieving excellent efficiency of 85 to 90 percent. These SOFC are capable of generating 100KW of electricity and 50KW of heat energy, enabling end users to optimize energy efficiency.


 The Toyota Crown has introduced a hydrogen fuel cell model

Toyota recently unveiled its latest hydrogen fuel cell Crown passenger car, marking the company's commitment to expanding its hydrogen fuel cell models beyond its existing Mirai models. The hydrogen car, which will hit the market this fall, has a 30 percent higher power density than the Mirai by improving its fuel-cell stack.


 Germany has shut down its last three nuclear power plants and shifted its focus to hydrogen energy

Germany recently decided to close only three nuclear power plants. In order to fill the shortfall, the city hopes to build itself into a hydrogen production center that uses green hydrogen from renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. According to the plan, Lingen will open one of the world's largest clean energy hydrogen production facilities this fall, and some of the hydrogen production will be used to build "green steel", " crucial for Germany, Europe's largest economy, to become carbon neutral by 2045.



Hydrogen energy current politics



 Beijing Haidian district started the first year of demonstration subsidies for hydrogen vehicles and hydrogen energy technology unveiling of the leading project declaration

On April 17, the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science City issued two hydrogen energy policy documents, the application Guide for the First Demonstration Vehicle Promotion and Efficient Operation Project in Haidian District, and the application Guide for " Leading the Key core technologies of Hydrogen energy in Haidian District.


 Henan Province: Build "Zheng Bianluo Pu Hydrogen Corridor"

On April 17, Henan Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the 14th Five-Year Plan for the development of new energy and renewable energy in Henan Province. It is mentioned that the steady and orderly promotion of hydrogen energy industry: carry out scientific planning and layout of hydrogen energy, build "Zhengbianluopu Hydrogen Corridor", and form the development pattern of hydrogen energy industry in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River connecting the hydrogen energy industrial clusters in Shaanxi and Shandong. Build the competitive advantage of the hydrogen energy industry chain, actively expand the application scenarios of hydrogen energy, and strengthen the technological innovation in the field of hydrogen energy.


 Fuel cell vehicle demonstration was included in the Ministry of Finance's national subsidy fund for energy conservation and emission reduction

Recently, the Ministry of Finance issued a notice on the revision of the Interim Measures for the Management of Subsidy Funds for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction. The document states that, "(1) Innovation in the system and mechanism of energy conservation and emission reduction is included in paragraph 1 of article 3," Key support scope of subsidies for energy conservation and emission reduction "; (2) Construction of basic capacity for energy conservation and emission reduction and public platforms; (3) Energy conservation and emission reduction in key areas, key industries and regions; (4) Demonstration, promotion, transformation, upgrading and upgrading of key key energy conservation and emission reduction technologies; (5) Other scope of support approved by The State Council "shall be amended to" (1) liquidation of subsidy funds for the promotion and application of new energy vehicles; (2) Award, reward and liquidation of charging infrastructure; (3) Demonstration and application of fuel cell vehicles; (4) liquidation of pilot demonstration projects of circular economy; (5) Provincial pilot projects for energy conservation and carbon reduction; (6) Relevant expenditures reported for approval by The State Council ".


 Announcement | for up to 60 million yuan! Chengdu Xindu District Bus company plans to purchase 30 hydrogen fuel cell buses

On April 17, Chengdu Xindu District Ronggui Public Transportation Co., Ltd. hydrogen fuel cell bus procurement project open bidding, the project budget amount is 60 million yuan, planned to purchase 30 hydrogen fuel cell buses, the unit price limit of 2 million yuan per bus. Consortium bidding is not accepted for this project.


 Zhongyuan internal distribution, remodeling group, hydrogen Pu chuang energy to set up a joint venture company

 On April 18, within the central plains with the announcement, disclosure within the central plains with and reshape group, hydrogen cut can jointly invest hydrogen project joint venture company, (also called "within the central plains with pole (Henan) hydrogen technology co., LTD.", will be subject to industrial and commercial approval, referred to as "joint venture"), joint venture joint venture company registered capital of 50 million yuan, the joint venture company is mainly engaged in hydrogen fuel cell engine bipolar research and development, manufacturing and sales (specific business scope will be subject to industrial and commercial approval).



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