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Hydrogen water and crops, hydrogen water irrigation

2023.05.10 Hits : 29

In recent years, the unique biological and kinetic characteristics of hydrogen itself, hydrogen medicine, hydrogen energy related research has attracted more and more attention.South China Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences, as one of the earliest units to conduct research on the botanical effects and mechanisms of hydrogen, found that hydrogen can not only improve the drought resistance, salt tolerance and disease resistance of plants, regulate plant hormone signal transduction, promote plant growth and development, improve crop yield and quality, but also improve plant stress resistance, improve soil and reduce the content and harm of heavy metals.Based on this, the team of Dr. Jiqing Zeng of South China Botanical Garden took the lead in proposing the concept of "hydrogen agriculture", advocating and promoting the application of hydrogen in agriculture.Due to the natural green characteristics of hydrogen, such as safety, non-toxicity and no residue, the development of hydrogen agriculture conforms to the overall strategy of national ecological civilization construction and green agriculture and the requirements of sustainable development, which is of great significance for environmental protection and food safety.  

Hydrogen is colorless, tasteless, safe and non-toxic.But it can't be used directly in fields, so it usually needs to be dissolved in water to form saturated hydrogen-rich water.As the leader of hydrogen industry in China, CAWOLO specially developed an agricultural hydrogen-rich water machine for the development of agriculture.  image

It is mainly used for agricultural irrigation to provide farmers with low price and high concentration of hydrogen water.image 

Experiments show that the company team developed agricultural hydrogen-rich water machine.The high concentration of hydrogen-rich water produced by electrolysis has obvious effects on crop cultivation.Whether liquid or solid hydrogen fertilizer, compared with traditional chemical fertilizers.Traditional chemical fertilizers only provide nutrients needed by plants, but hydrogen fertilizer has the characteristics of multi-effect or double effect.

On the one hand, hydrogen itself can promote the growth of plants and improve stress resistance. At the same time, it can also promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms in soil root system, improve the structure of soil root microbial community, soil fertility and soil structure, so as to promote the absorption of soil nutrient elements by plants.

At the same time, when hydrogen fertilizer is added to other fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers, pesticides or plant growth regulators, it can promote fertilizer absorption and enhance the use effect of fertilizers and pesticides. Therefore, the synergistic effect of hydrogen is added on the basis of the synergistic effect of hydrogen fertilizer and pesticides, which can greatly reduce the use of fertilizers and pesticides.image 

Up to now, the company's machine has been in Guangdong, Jiangxi, Liaoning and other provinces and regions to promote the experiment, in vegetables, peanuts, fruits, flowers, herbs and other aspects of planting and preservation have achieved good application results.In the three-year experiment of planting navel orange in Gannan of Jiangxi province, it was found that the navel orange planted with hydrogen fertilizer grew fast, had green leaves, had high yield, and used less fertilizer and pesticide. It could not only improve the taste of navel orange, but also promote the rapid improvement of sick fruit trees.

Therefore, hydrogen fertilizer has a broad application prospect and will give rise to a new agricultural form-hydrogen agriculture.It is of great significance for me to pass the transformation and upgrading of green agriculture, protect the ecological environment and ensure food safety.  image

The technology has been applied in Guangdong Province, Jiangxi Province, Liaoning Province, Vietnam and other areas, and has achieved good results.Applied in the field of planting, hydrogen fertilizer can promote plant growth, improve plant yield and quality, enhance plant resistance to pests and diseases, thereby reducing the use of pesticides and fertilizers, which can not only directly save the use cost of fertilizers and pesticides, but also protect the ecological environment.Applied in the logistics industry of fruit and vegetable preservation, it can prolong the fresh-keeping time of fruits and vegetables and reduce the loss of fruits and vegetables. At the same time, hydrogen is non-toxic and harmless without residue, which is one of the safest preservants.

The technical results can be used to repair heavy metal pollution in soil, better improve the soil ecological environment, not only can reduce the content of heavy metals in soil, but also can improve the soil structure and microbial community structure, increase crop yield, and ensure crop food safety.In the development process of arid and saline-alkali land in north and northwest China, the technical achievements can improve the ability of drought and saline-alkali resistance of plants. Combined with drip irrigation technology, these lands can be fully utilized, thus generating huge economic and social benefits.


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