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The 9th National Conference on Hydrogen Biomedicine will be held in November in Haikou, Hainan, China.

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Hydrogen medicine and hydrogen biology "industry, academia, research and utilization" has ushered in a period of rapid development, with the results of basic and clinical research blossoming, and product development and application fruitful. In order to promote China's hydrogen biomedical field of academic controversy, results display, information exchange and cooperation between industry, academia and research, the Ninth National Hydrogen Biomedicine Conference and China Congress of Geriatrics and Geriatrics Industry (CCGI) Cawolo Hydrogen Medicine and Elderly Health Summit, China Geriatrics and Healthcare Medicine Research Association Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch 2023 Annual Meeting will be held on November 17-19, 2023 in Haikou City, Hainan Province. Haikou City, Hainan Province, China. The theme of this year's conference is "Hydrogen Medicine Industry, Academia and Research Work Together for Development, Hydrogen Science and Technology Empowering Healthy Free Trade Island".

It is expected that this offline conference will allow experts, scholars, R&D and practitioners to speak freely, discuss the development of hydrogen biomedicine, an emerging interdisciplinary field, and enhance the academic research and product development of hydrogen molecular biomedicine in China.

The above meetings were organized by the Organizing Committee of China Conference on Geriatrics and Gerontology (CCGI) and the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch of China Geriatrics Society, and undertaken by the Second Affiliated Hospital of the First Medical University of Shandong, Taishan Hydrogen Biomedicine Research Institute of the First Medical University of Shandong, and Guangdong Cawolo Hydrogen Science and Technology Co.

Academician Zhong Nanshan, Chief Advisor of the 2023 Annual Meeting of the Hydrogen Molecular Biomedicine Branch of the China Geriatrics and Healthcare Medicine Research Society, Academician Xia Zhaofan and Academician Cong Bin, Honorary Chairmen, Prof. Qin Shucun and Prof. Sun Xuejun, Chairmen of the Conference, Academician Ding Wenjiang, Prof. Li Xiaoying, President Bai Shuzong, Prof. Xu Kecheng, Prof. Cai Jianming, Prof. Hu Jun, and Prof. Deng Dehui, advisors of the Conference. The 9th Hydrogen Biomedicine Conference and China Geriatrics and Elderly Health Industry Conference Kavolo Hydrogen Medicine and Elderly Health Summit Forum will invite renowned experts and young scholars in the field of hydrogen biomedicine research, industry and application to gather together to explain the latest research results, show the latest products of R&D and propose the future development direction.

This year's conference will focus on hydrogen biomedical research, industry and application for hydrogen biomedical research experts, young talents, clinicians, R&D and practitioners, etc. The conference will include speeches by leaders and experts, invited keynote speeches, invited presentations, youth presentations, and poster presentations, etc., to discuss the new results of basic research on the effects of hydrogen biomedicine, the new progress of clinical trials, and the related R&D of new products.

The "China Conference on Geriatrics and Gerontological Health Industry (CCGI)" held concurrently with the conference is a high-profile brand conference in the field of geriatrics and gerontological health industry; there are more than 30 forums; the conference is co-sponsored by the Chinese Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics, the China Foundation for the Promotion of Health, and the National Center for Gerontology, and is co-sponsored by the President of the conference, Academician Chen Kexue, and the Executive Chairman, Professor Li Xiaoying. Prof. Li Xiaoying; the conference is valued by the governments of Hainan Province and Haikou City, and will attract 2000 participants.

Hereby, we sincerely welcome all experts, scholars, engineers, technicians, and health management colleagues engaged in hydrogen biomedical research and related industry development to actively contribute and visit this event!

Conference time: November 17-19, 2023, check-in on the morning of the 17th, meeting on the afternoon of the 17th, all day on the 18th and the morning of the 19th, and leaving on the afternoon of the 19th.


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