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[Corporate Birthday Party] Cawolo, grow up with you.

Time : 2022-08-12 Hits : 5

Life needs a sense of ritual.

Work requires belonging.

Grow up unexpectedly

Birthday comes as promised.


In order to make everyone in Cawolo feel the warmth of extended family and enhance the sense of happiness, happiness and belonging of employees in the company, on August 11th, the Human Resources Department of Cawolo carefully organized a birthday party for colleagues who had their birthdays in July and August, and everyone gathered together to witness their growth and share their joy.


Cawolo has been committed to building a warm, harmonious, inclusive and dedicated family, striving to create a relaxed and harmonious working atmosphere, so that employees can feel the care and sense of belonging from big families after work. The birthday party was held with the company's care for the employees, and thanks and affirmation for their long-term efforts.


2022, let's keep going warm.


See you at the next birthday party of Cavoro ~ ~