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Do a good job in lean management and improve the quality development of Cawolo.

Time : 2022-07-13 Hits : 8

  In order to further improve the company's employees' awareness of lean production, strengthen the learning and mastery of lean knowledge, set up lean production views and concepts, improve the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in lean activities, and earnestly do a good job in the company's lean management. On the afternoon of July 7th, Cawolo organized the evaluation activities of lean production management in each production workshop. Vice President Lei of the Manufacturing Center, Mr. Gao of the Lean Implementation Management Committee and the workshop leaders attended.


  This selection activity is evaluated from the aspects of staff's daily arrangement, cost control, equipment spot check, on-site improvement, team benchmarking, staff quality, etc. Check the cleaning of idle objects in key departments, the management of goods positioning, the classification and standard placement of goods, and the entry of computer lines into slots.


  The purpose of this activity is to exchange and share the achievements of lean management of various departments. At the same time, with 5S management as the basic means, the production and office areas of various departments will be comprehensively evaluated to check for leaks and fill vacancies. 5S management is not only to do a good job in hygiene, but also a management mode aimed at improving the quality of employees, so that employees can develop good habits, achieve the purpose of improving work efficiency and ultimately product quality.