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Empowering the High-quality Development of Enterprises —— The Cawolo Intellectual Property and Standardization Research Conference was successfully concluded.

Time : 2022-07-25 Hits : 13

  Recently, Gu Bancai, deputy director of Foshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau (Intellectual Property Office), Li Can, director of Foshan Intellectual Property Promotion Section, Huang Jianwen, director of Foshan Intellectual Property Protection Center, president of Foshan Institute of Standards, director of standardization section of Foshan Municipal Market Supervision Bureau, and Lai Zhijun, head of Foshan Intellectual Property Protection Section, and their delegation visited Cawolo for a discussion. Our chairman Lin Yongchun, executive vice president Deng Xiuqun, R&D and design director Wei Wu, and intellectual property director Feng Xuean warmly received and discussed the general situation and knowledge of the enterprise to the leaders.


  At the meeting, Deputy Director Gu Bancai of Foshan Municipal Market Supervision Administration (Intellectual Property Office) fully affirmed the company's independent innovation and product patent creation by understanding the future planning, core technology and management of hydrogen products of Cawolo, and suggested that the company should protect the core technology of important products in a wider range on the existing basis, and at the same time strengthen standardization construction to further improve product popularity and enterprise competitiveness.


  Then leaders at all levels answered a series of professional questions raised by our company one by one. Leaders at all levels gave detailed guidance on the standardization system construction related to intellectual property management, patent layout at home and abroad, organic integration of intellectual property and enterprise standards, trademark application management, etc.


  At this research meeting, the core members of the company further strengthened their understanding of scientific and technological management, patents and standardization, understood the management system combining patents and standards, expanded their thinking, improved their working ability in intellectual property management, and got the opportunity of long-term support and communication from relevant departments, which provided favorable conditions for the company's development and technological innovation in the future.