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Foshan CPPCC carried out special inspection activities to promote the high-quality development of hydrogen energy industry based on reality.

Time : 2022-06-29 Hits : 14

  On June 21st, Zheng Canru, deputy secretary and vice chairman of Foshan CPPCC Party Group, led a team to carry out a special inspection on "Promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry by market mechanism", and held a forum to listen to opinions and suggestions, so as to contribute wisdom and strength to promoting the high-quality development of Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry.


  The inspection team visited Nanzhuang Hydrogen Production and Hydrogenation Integrated Station, Guangdong Cawolo Hydrogen Technology Co., Ltd. and Foshan Nanhai Hydrogen Energy Center successively, and got an in-depth understanding of the development status of hydrogen energy industry in our city.

  At the symposium, Xu Guo, a member of Foshan CPPCC Party Group, introduced the overall development of hydrogen energy industry in our city. Municipal Development and Reform Bureau, Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Bureau, Municipal Transportation Bureau, and Municipal Emergency Management Bureau reported the situation of "promoting the development of hydrogen energy industry by market-oriented mechanism". CPPCC members actively put forward suggestions on strengthening and continuously improving the industrial chain, policy system and building a good industrial ecology.

  Up to now, the hydrogen energy industry in our city has basically covered hydrogen energy storage and transportation supply chain, key basic materials and core components of fuel cells, fuel cell systems and terminal applications, etc., and nearly 150 enterprises have been introduced and cultivated, with a total investment of nearly 35 billion yuan. The benefits of head enterprise clusters have initially appeared.

  Zheng Canru said that at present, under the global trend of carbon emission reduction, the development of hydrogen energy industry is gradually entering the fast lane, and it has become an important path for China to achieve peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality. It is hoped that CPPCC members will closely focus on the work of the CPC Central Committee, further clarify their objectives and tasks, conduct in-depth investigations and studies, and actively make suggestions and suggestions. Relevant departments strengthen their responsibilities and responsibilities, and accelerate the implementation of the development, popularization and application of hydrogen energy industry. The CPPCC will base itself on the reality, collect opinions and suggestions extensively, and form a feasibility study report with quality and weight, which will provide reference for the scientific decision-making of the municipal party committee and the municipal government. At the same time, it will strengthen the tracking and efficiency, push the hydrogen energy industry of our city to a new level, and contribute to the high-quality development of Foshan.