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Boao Forum for Asia: Hydrogen Health Industry, the Hotspot of Medical Health Industry in Post-epidemic Era

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  Hydrogen industry is a new and future industry. Many top hospitals at home and abroad are carrying out medical research on hydrogen. The international organization Boao Forum for Asia has also focused on the development of this industry. At the second conference of the Boao Forum for Asia Global Health Forum, guests at home and abroad discussed the three possibilities of hydrogen in medicine, agriculture and energy.

  At present, the research on hydrogen medicine is increasing all over the world, and many top hospitals at home and abroad are carrying out medical research on hydrogen. Sun Xuejun, a professor and doctoral supervisor of Naval Medical University, is an expert in the research field of hydrogen medicine in China. He gave a detailed introduction on the research history and clinical application of hydrogen medicine at this forum.

  "Everyone is familiar with the application of hydrogen in energy. Hydrogen is known as the cleanest energy source. In medicine, we also think that hydrogen is a very green drug." Sun Xuejun introduced that the application of hydrogen in medicine is relatively new. It was first brought into people's sight in 2007, and it has only been developed for 14 years.


  However, since its publication, the research on hydrogen is in the ascendant, and there are more than 1,500 related papers. At present, related studies have found that the diseases that hydrogen may treat may include common chronic diseases, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, hypertension, etc. "Especially in the past two years, hydrogen has certain therapeutic effect on COVID-19."

  It is reported that in the 7th and 8th editions of novel coronavirus's trial diagnosis and treatment plan issued by the National Health and Health Commission and state administration of traditional chinese medicine, it can be seen that the diagnosis and treatment plan puts forward effective oxygen therapy measures for patients in time, and the mixed inhalation of hydrogen and oxygen can be used when conditions permit.


  "Hydrogen agriculture is an important support for the hydrogen health industry. At present, the development of hydrogen agriculture is relatively slow." Shen Wenbiao, a professor at the College of Life Sciences of Nanjing Agricultural University, pointed out at the forum that an important goal of hydrogen agriculture is to restore the original taste of agricultural products and try to "improve the yield and quality of crops and reduce the pollution of soil".


At present, in terms of planting, Shen Wenbiao introduced that the effects of hydrogen agriculture are mainly reflected in three aspects:

  The first is to regulate the growth, development and nutritional quality of plants. "An important aspect of regulating growth and development is that it has a very obvious effect on promoting the root system of crops." Shen Wenzhao pointed out that after irrigating crops with hydrogen water, the root system will be particularly developed.

  The second is to prolong preservation and reduce pesticide residues.

  The third aspect is to improve the tolerance of various stresses. "This is mainly divided into two parts, one is biological stress and the other is abiotic stress. Biological stress refers to pests and diseases, while abiotic stress refers to salt damage, drought, high temperature and sudden low temperature, including the excessive use of various agricultural chemicals, including ultraviolet rays. These three are the relatively concentrated ones in the agricultural effect of hydrogen. On the other hand, articles have been put forward one after another, that is, to improve the resistance of poultry, fish and shrimp in aquaculture to pathogenic bacteria. "

  At present, China has also formed seven hydrogen energy industrial clusters. Foshan, Guangdong Province has quickly become the leading city in the field of hydrogen energy with the most complete hydrogen energy industrial chain construction, the largest number of infrastructure construction, the largest scale of terminal application and promotion, the most sound policy system establishment and the earliest layout of technical standard system, and won the praise of "the world's hydrogen energy looks at China, and China's hydrogen energy looks at Foshan".

  Xu Guo, deputy mayor of Foshan Municipal People's Government, Guangdong Province, shared his experience in developing hydrogen energy industry at this forum. He pointed out that local promotion should pay special attention to the role of science and technology. We should take the project as the king, achieve the goal pursued by the government by grasping the direction of the project, coordinate all kinds of project resources and government resources to serve the project, and make the project successful.

  "Many governments in China have laid out hydrogen energy industries, making this industry a hot spot for investment." Focusing on the future development of Foshan's hydrogen energy industry, Foshan adheres to multi-legged R&D and has formed a world-leading R&D team by relying on domestic and foreign R&D centers. Xu Guo emphasized that at present, there is still a serious homogenization phenomenon in the domestic hydrogen energy industry, and the core technology needs to be independent and self-reliant. It is necessary to maintain the leading position in the neck-sticking technology and occupy the commanding heights of technology for a long time.


  It is reported that the Boao Forum for Asia is composed of 29 member countries, with its headquarters in China. Its chairman is Ban Ki-moon, the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations. The President of China delivered a keynote speech at the opening meeting of the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2022.