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Hydrogen can also cure diseases? Guangdong Science and Technology News Health Weekly issued a document

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When it comes to hydrogen, everyone is familiar with it. Hydrogen is the lowest density gas in the world. It is colorless, tasteless, non-toxic, highly flammable, and has certain reducibility. It is also one of the alternatives for fuel cells ... However, there are little-known aspects of hydrogen, such as treating diseases with hydrogen.

  Professor Xu Kecheng, Honorary Chief Dean of Fudan Cancer Hospital affiliated to Jinan University, has been engaged in the exploration and research of hydrogen cancer control for a long time. He has been dynamically observing and following up the subtle changes of every patient. So far, he has collected more than 60 patient data which have been verified to be effective.

  Xu Kecheng introduced that hydrogen is a gas molecule composed of two hydrogen atoms, with relatively stable chemical properties and the smallest molecular weight. At present, the mainstream view on the pathophysiological mechanism of hydrogen treatment of diseases is still the selective antioxidation of hydrogen.

Why can hydrogen cure diseases?

  The formation of free radicals. There is a proper amount of free radicals produced in the metabolism of the body, which are endogenous free radicals, participate in the life activities of information transmission, and are indispensable active signal factors of the body. The body has an antioxidant system that can automatically remove free radicals, which can remove excess free radicals in time.

  The two are in balance. Harmful and excessive free radicals, if not removed in time, can destroy vital substances, including DNA, protein, lipids, etc., and cause harm to the body. "It can be said that free radicals are the root of all diseases." Xu Kecheng said that now hydrogen molecules have antioxidant activity that exceeds all known antioxidants such as vitamin C, carrots, lecithin, etc., and have powerful preventive and therapeutic effects on allergic dermatitis, constipation, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, hepatitis B, atherosclerosis and other symptoms caused by free radicals. In addition, the obvious characteristic of hydrogen is its strong penetrability, and it can easily enter any part of cells, such as nucleus and mitochondria, while many other antioxidant substances are difficult to reach these parts quickly, thus failing to achieve the ideal antioxidant effect.


  Anti-inflammatory effect. Xu Kecheng pointed out that according to the latest medical research, chronic inflammation may lead to serious problems, and there are chronic inflammatory reactions in arteriosclerosis, hypertension and diabetes. There is also a case where the body is not stimulated by injury, but it will also send out the wrong signal to start inflammation, which will lead to autoimmune diseases, which is the wrong attack of the immune system on the body's own tissues. Common diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis, inflammatory enteritis, type 1 diabetes, hyperthyroidism, multiple sclerosis, etc.

  "Hydrogen has been proved to be an anti-inflammatory substance. As it is a very safe gas and can be used for a long time, it is possible to play a role in the pathological basis of chronic inflammation, a lot of chronic diseases. Many people find that drinking hydrogen water can lower blood sugar, blood pressure and bad cholesterol, and the underlying mechanism may be the anti-inflammatory effect of hydrogen. " Xu Cheng said.

Hydrogen has a broad application prospect in cancer prevention and control.

  It is understood that Professor Xu Kecheng began to pay attention to the role of hydrogen medicine in the field of cancer treatment a year ago. We visited many patients who controlled their cancer condition by inhaling hydrogen, and found that the vast majority of patients had improved their condition, and some even had miraculous effects. Through experiments, he found that it is difficult to make animal models of tumors in hydrogen environment.

  "Under normal circumstances, when cancer cells are injected into animals, animals can be diagnosed with cancer quickly. However, in the hydrogen environment, similar diagnosis becomes difficult, and the efficacy of hydrogen in inhibiting tumor formation is reversely verified. " Through laboratory observation, Xu Kecheng found that in the hydrogen environment, cancer cell movement slowed down, division decreased, apoptosis increased, and quite a few cancer cells formed vacuoles. The formation of these cases and laboratory data strengthened his in-depth research on cancer control and anti-cancer with hydrogen.


  Importantly, it has been found in many cases that hydrogen inhalation can alleviate the pain of cancer patients, which is crucial to improve the quality of life of patients. The main reason for this effect is that hydrogen can relieve inflammatory reaction, and the core basis of pain is inflammatory reaction. Of course, this is not the cause of all pain, so maybe not everyone has the same effect.

  At present, the application prospect of hydrogen in anti-cancer and cancer control is broad. Xu Kecheng said that vigorously promoting hydrogen medicine will be an important measure to affect people's health and improve their overall quality of life.

Hydrogen will play an important role in the "transformation"

  "Free radicals are a key factor in the occurrence of cancer itself. Free radicals act on normal cells, causing DNA damage in the nucleus and turning them into mutant cells. If free radicals are not cleared in time and continue to act on mutant cells, the latter can become cancer cells. Therefore, eliminating excessive free radicals in the body can not only correct various functional disorders, but also prevent cancer cell generation and recurrence, which has the value of etiological treatment. "

  Xu Kecheng, for example, can be used as an adjuvant therapy before and after surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy to improve the curative effect and reduce side effects; Hydrogen therapy is introduced in the course of rehabilitation after effective treatment of cancer to prevent recurrence and metastasis. In addition, for some cases of chemotherapy failure and drug resistance, hydrogen inhalation therapy may be effective.


  "In view of the fact that hydrogen therapy is a multi-target gas, the anti-cancer and cancer control functions of hydrogen will continue to emerge in the overall treatment project of cancer therapy." Xu Kecheng said frankly that Tang Zhaoyou, an academician of China Academy of Engineering and a leading oncologist, showed great interest in controlling and fighting cancer with hydrogen.

  As the initiator of the concept of "Chinese-style cancer control", Academician Tang Zhaoyou commented on more than 50 "investigation reports" written by Xu Kecheng after his visit. Hydrogen inhalation is not a large-scale tumor-killing therapy, but on the basis of tumor-killing therapy, it may achieve the effect of "accumulating a small victory into a big victory" like guerrilla warfare. He agreed that "hydrogen therapy may have its role before, during and after treatment, that is, it can be used as new adjuvant therapy, comprehensive therapy and adjuvant therapy".

  Xu Kecheng believes that the main strategy of Chinese-style cancer control is to "eliminate" and "reform" simultaneously, "coexist with cancer", so that patients can survive for a long time. "Transformation" includes the transformation of cancer cells, microenvironment and macro environment (the whole organism). Hydrogen will play an important role in the "transformation".

  "At present, more and more medical institutions are engaged in research related to hydrogen medicine, and more and more enterprises are engaged in the production of hydrogen medicine related products. Hydrogen medical products range from inhaling hydrogen, hydrogen cups to hydrogen compartments. It is a good thing that hydrogen medicine is valued, but the research on hydrogen medicine is still deepening, and many blind and quick hydrogen medical projects are not advisable. "

  Xu Kecheng believes that although the "naturalness" of hydrogen is reminiscent of its safety, after all, hydrogen is flammable and explosive gas, and it is easy to catch fire and explode if the concentration is not well controlled. Hydrogen believes that the development of hydrogen medicine depends on the joint participation of experts, scholars, research institutions, universities and related enterprises, and it is necessary to convey the correct concept of using hydrogen to the public.