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Hydrogen is a new element of healthy lifestyle.

Time : 2022-10-12 Hits : 8

  Recently, many people have commented that hydrogen medicine is amazing. Why didn't I use it?

  There are many cases that have no effect, and it is difficult to analyze them one by one, but most of them have certain rules. Here's a reminder to avoid this misunderstanding: treat hydrogen as a medicine. Hydrogen is just a way of life!

  For example, it is not only incorrect, but also wrong to use hydrogen as a medicine for treating diabetes and hyperlipidemia. Diabetes and hyperlipidemia are the most common chronic diseases, or chronic diseases. These performances are not terrible in themselves, but what is terrible is the secondary harm caused by the long-term three highs. For example, hyperglycemia can easily lead to endothelial cell damage, arteriosclerosis and hypertension. Hyperlipidemia is easy to cause arterial plaque formation, and also easy to cause arteriosclerosis and hypertension. If hyperglycemia and hyperlipidemia exist at the same time, the risk of arteriosclerosis and hypertension will be even greater. High blood pressure itself can easily lead to vascular diseases and damage of target organs. So "three highs" is a great risk to the whole body's blood vessels and organs. Long-term "three highs" can easily lead to increased risk of cardiovascular events with high mortality such as stroke and myocardial infarction. Therefore, controlling the three highs is the most important goal and strategy of chronic diseases today.

  Today, there are a lot of drugs to control the three highs, and the effect is very good. Theoretically, we should first choose these drugs to control the three highs, and we should not choose any uncertain means casually. Of course, specific to the individual, try to be precise. For example, the problem of controlling blood lipids, if an individual has no other metabolic problems, such as hyperglycemia, obesity and hyperlipidemia, he is not old. First of all, we should choose lifestyle intervention, that is, diet control, more exercise and reducing bad habits of tobacco and alcohol. The role of hydrogen also lies in the level of lifestyle. We can't expect lifestyle intervention to solve all chronic diseases, but lifestyle is indeed a versatile tool to solve all chronic diseases, but the effect is difficult to guarantee. Because people's situation is very complicated, the details of their illness are also varied. For example, it is difficult for older people to exercise too much, and people with physical defects can't exercise too much casually. Diet control should not be at the expense of nutritional deficiency. It is necessary to control alcohol and tobacco, but not everyone can control it. In a word, lifestyle is a basket, and any disease can be filled. But the effect can only be haha. At this point, medicine has become a last resort, and it is also a method that clinicians are more accustomed to and willing to use. The role of hydrogen is that it can be used as an intervention tool for a strong lifestyle. Since it is a lifestyle, it is more effective and easier to realize with hydrogen. Since it is a lifestyle, it can't take the place of drugs, and it can't have the targeted effect of drugs.

  So, at any time, don't expect hydrogen to solve everyone's problems, and you can't expect hydrogen to solve all one's problems. Hydrogen can be used for most people's problems, but just because it can be used does not mean that it can solve the problems. In the process of specific use, it is very gratifying to find that it has a certain effect on some situations. The truth is that most people can easily find its magical effect when they are exposed to and use hydrogen, but magic is not equal to everything.

  Hydrogen, a healthy lifestyle worth trying for everyone.