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Possibility of obtaining recognition and application of hydrogen in clinical medical field

Time : 2022-10-10 Hits : 6

  Recently, I have communicated with many clinicians to understand their views on hydrogen medicine. In the past, many friends thought that the popularization process of hydrogen medicine was very difficult, and many people questioned and opposed hydrogen products, which was the main reason that hindered the development of hydrogen health industry. The most frequently mentioned thing is that "doctors don't approve". It's hard to convince customers to experience hydrogen health products. Often, doctors' doubts will make many efforts go to naught. I think this is a problem that will inevitably be encountered in the development of new things. We can't overemphasize that the unsuccessful and unsuccessful operation of our own business is caused by others. The development process of hydrogen health industry is a process of constant frustration and constant polishing. If everything is easy, do you still have the opportunity to enter such a field?

  Let's talk about the possibility of hydrogen being recognized and applied in the medical field at this stage. First of all, as an emerging research field, many doctors do lack understanding of hydrogen medicine and do not recognize the disease-improving effect of this simple gas, because this recognition needs to subvert the previous understanding of hydrogen, which is a change of one's "world outlook". It is unrealistic to force others to spend time and energy to learn about a new field when there is no demand, and this is "driving a duck to the shelves". Moreover, as I said before, questioning first and denying first is the consistent attitude of all professionals towards new things. If you want them to agree, you need his interest first, and then you need evidence.

  When it comes to the level of "evidence", we must admit that the current research results of hydrogen medicine are still relatively weak. Our research time is too short, most of the research results and evidence are focused on animal experiments, and there is a lack of high-grade large sample population research data. There are many smart people in this world. As medical insiders, as soon as they browse all kinds of research literature on hydrogen medicine, they will clearly know that you have no "confidence". If there is no convincing research evidence, why should people recognize you? All these fatal problems need time to be solved slowly. There are indeed some books published in the field of hydrogen medical research related to the use of hydrogen by people, but most of them are summaries of individual cases. It may be useful to use them as tools to convince the common people. People in the medical field may even laugh at "taking chicken feathers as an instruction" to make a mountain out of a molehill. Hydrogen medicine needs to continue to accumulate evidence, continuously expand the research team and deepen the research level, so that it can be truly recognized and applied in the medical field one day.

  There is no doubt about the application prospect of hydrogen in the field of clinical medicine. As an auxiliary treatment, hydrogen can help in many aspects. For example, adding hydrogen into various medical solutions (cardioplegia, intravenous injection, peritoneal dialysis solution, peritoneal lavage solution, etc.) will greatly improve the effect. I believe that there will be various hydrogenated medical liquids in clinical application in the future. Let's talk about the method of hydrogen inhalation. In the past, research evidence has proved that 1-2% safe concentration of hydrogen inhalation is effective in the treatment of diseases. In the future, hydrogen inhalation will have a place in critical and critical areas. However, we should be clear that the real effect of hydrogen is "cause-related treatment" and "cause-related conditioning", but there is no quick and immediate effect. The characteristics of clinical medical treatment are "immediate, quick, firm and accurate". The shorter the treatment period, the better, which runs counter to the action characteristics of hydrogen. It is very likely that hydrogen will only be an optional clinical medical aid in the future. The maximum value of hydrogen application should be

  Many people hope that hydrogen medicine can be recognized by doctors. This is because they hope that the medical industry will be a boost rather than a resistance to their own career development. However, from the medical point of view, the hospital is a life-saving place, which attaches great importance to the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment (otherwise, too many patients can't be cured). It needs all kinds of quick treatment methods to "heal the wounded and rescue the dying", which requires extremely high immediate and short-term effects. It is not a place where you can "take your time". As a medical means, hydrogen products have low economic benefits, and the short-term treatment effect is not significant. It is quite difficult to obtain the recognition and wide application of the medical system, and they all pay attention to what is applied. You want me to recognize you for your own interests and needs, but I'm not interested at all!

  Again, the biggest advantage of hydrogen application is the overall adjustment effect. Based on the safety premise, many research results show the trend of its extensive curative effect. This core feature determines that it may be a home health management tool in the future. It is not clinicians in major hospitals who guide people to use this tool, but community doctors and hydrogen health industry practitioners with an expanding team. At present, the talent gap of this team is unprecedented, and social trust and positive influence need to be established urgently. We emphasize that hydrogen will become a lifelong "health umbrella" in the future, and it is one of the "just-needed" tools for the general public to improve their health. Don't always think about shaking the banner of the clinical medical system. You and they are not actually on the same track, so why don't you all do your job and complement each other? Besides, always trying to convince doctors to accept your point of view is a sign of self-distrust. If you do one thing well, your own efforts and abilities are the most important.