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The energy of life – hydrogen

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Hydrogen biology is a science that studies the biological effects of hydrogen, and is an emerging branch of biology.

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In 1996, Chinese scholars first questioned this. After that, start extensive experiments. It is found that hydrogen has positive significance for seed germination and the opening of isolated plant shoots and buds. After that, an injection experiment was carried out in mice, and it was found that the anti-starvation and anti-anaesthesia ability was enhanced. Then, on the basis of repeated caution, intramuscular injection experiments were carried out in humans. Due to the small amount and short time, no positive or negative effects were found.

On the basis of the above experiments, scholars have carried out isotope tracing experiments (deuterium and tritium have been carried out separately), and significant progress has been made. It is found that hydrogen is widely involved in the formation of various tissues such as heart, brain, bone marrow, liver, kidney, muscle, blood cells, etc. The abundance of different tissues is very different, even if the same blood cells, white blood cells are much higher than red blood cells. It shows that hydrogen is widely involved in metabolism and is an important component of biology. At the same time, higher abundances were detected in plasma and urine, indicating that deuterium-tritium enters the water through the reaction, indicating that hydrogen is also a life energy substance.

At the same time, Chinese scholars believe that the core, essence, and characteristic substance of the essence, essence, and characteristic substance of the vital, essential, and characteristic substances of the Chinese medicine qigong and martial arts and so on for thousands of years is hydrogen.

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Recent years, many scholars have also carried out research on the biological effects of hydrogen and made significant discoveries. The more famous one is Japan's Ota Naruo. In July 2007, a scholar from the Japanese Medical University reported in "Natural Medicine" that animals breathing 2% of hydrogen can effectively scavenge free radicals and significantly improve cerebral ischemia-reperfusion injury. Since then, research by scholars from all over the world has sprung up. The leading figure in our country is Professor Xuejun Sun of the Second Military Medical University. He was perfused with saturated hydrogen saline and achieved remarkable results.

At the end of 2010, the second International Hydrobiology Conference was held in Japan, marking the gradual maturity of this discipline and the recognition of the academic community. Professor Xuejun Sun was invited to attend and give a key speech. It is conceivable that this subject is changing with each passing day and is developing rapidly every day. As an emerging enterprise in the field of hydrogen health in China, Cavolo has won a good reputation in the market with its independent research and development, market research and many patent certifications.

Guangdong Cawolo Health Technology Co., Ltd. is a member unit of Foshan Hydrogen Energy Industry Association, a vice-chairman unit of the National Hydrogen Medical Health Industry, and a member unit of the Japan International Hydrogen Aquatic Industry Association. At present, a high-standard hydrogen science and technology museum exhibition hall has been built, and it is committed to building and developing a hydrogen health sharing ecosystem.

Cawolo’s most popular hydrogen absorption machine series is already in short supply in China. It uses PEM technology. The core membrane area of the electrolytic cell uses DuPont 117 proton membrane as the basic membrane, supplemented by chemical precipitation. After more than 40 hours of slow precipitation and the basic membrane form a whole, it is different from the hot pressing method on the market. The cheap industrial membrane, it can effectively isolate the residual chlorine, ozone and other harmful substances, and is safer and has a longer service life. At the same time, it also has convenient functions such as TDS water quality detection, anti-tilting, and timing work, which are well received by the market!