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The Secret of hydrogen and the body

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1.Hydrogen and free radicals
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   Hydrogen into the human body can quickly eliminate malignant free radicals, prevent free radicals from destroying cells, and use the redox effect of hydrogen molecules to combine with malignant free radicals to become non-toxic and harmless water discharged from the body, which can well promote metabolism.

2.Hydrogen and hypertension
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   Hydrogen can prevent the combination of unsaturated fatty acids and active oxygen to form lipid peroxides and fatty acids. Absorbing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can improve hypertension.

3.Hydrogen and diabetes mellitus
   Hydrogen can restore the normal function of islets and their receptors, and absorb hydrogen and drink hydrogen water to improve the symptoms of diabetes.
4.Hydrogen and bone and joint diseases

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 The small molecular mass of hydrogen water can make the calcium ions in the water easily absorbed by the human body, and hydrogen can neutralize harmful acidic substances in the body, while absorbing hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water can reduce the value of blood uric acid and relieve gout and other bone and joint diseases.
5.Hydrogen water and liver
   Hydrogen can scavenge the malignant free radicals produced by ethanol in the metabolic process, and it is a kind of alcohol-relieving and liver-protecting product without side effects.
6.Hydrogen and memory loss
   Hydrogen can restore the reproductive ability of nerve cells reduced by reactive oxygen species, thereby inhibiting memory loss.
7.Hydrogen and sub-health
   Hydrogen replenishes energy from the source, scavenges human free radicals (antioxidants), and enables human beings to improve their sub-health and prevent diseases.
8.Hydrogen and Cancer
   Active hydrogen can prevent the unlimited division of cancer cells and change them into cells with the same lifespan as ordinary cells.

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9.Hydrogen and Beauty  
   The aging of the body comes from oxidation, whether healthy or from the skin care level, hydrogen can be antioxidant, thus beauty anti-aging.