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At Present, Hydrogen Helps You Sleep Well!

June 03,2022

The recent menacing peak of COVID-19’s popularity caught everyone off guard.

Many people “stay at home”, their mentality is tight, nervous and anxious, and even day and night is upside down. Many people have sleep problems, and poor sleep will reduce our ability to resist foreign viruses. Because of this, under the epidemic situation, everyone should keep a good sleep.

There is often feedback that sucking hydrogen and drinking hydrogen water is very effective in improving sleep. Hydrogen can improve sleep. There are some closely related studies related to the improvement of sleep by hydrogen.

Studies have confirmed that hydrogen water may help improve sleep quality!

In 2014, an experiment was conducted in osaka city university, Japan. Twenty-six healthy people (male and female, with an average age of 34.4 years) were recruited for a four-week experiment. The content of the experiment was to divide these 26 subjects into two groups. One group drank 300cc of hydrogen-containing water with a concentration of 0.8 ~ 1.2 ppm in the morning and evening, while the other group drank ordinary drinking water with the same packaging, and conducted a random double-blind experiment (the experimenter and the recipient

Four weeks later, measured by Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI), it was found that the total score of PSQI in the group drinking hydrogen-containing water decreased significantly, which represented the improvement of sleep quality.

As shown in the figure below:

From the above figure, we can see that after four weeks, the PSQI value of the group drinking plain water (green bar) decreased significantly, representing the improvement of sleep quality, but the group drinking ordinary water (gray bar) did not change significantly during the same period.

Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) is a very simple and common method to measure sleep quality. This index was compiled by Dr. Buysse, a psychiatrist at the University of Pittsburgh in 1989. It consists of 19 self-rated items and 5 other rated items, of which the 19th self-rated item and 5 other rated items, do not participate in scoring. The higher the total score of other scored items, the worse the sleep quality. The main purpose is to evaluate the sleep quality of patients with sleep disorders, but it can also be applied to the sleep evaluation of the general public.

In addition, the experiment also uses sympathetic nerve to measure sleep quality. Sympathetic nerve belongs to autonomic nerve, which can be divided into sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve. In most cases, the sympathetic nerve plays the role of “throttle”; The opposite parasympathetic nerve belongs to the “brake”. Therefore, to get a good sleep, it is necessary to weaken the sympathetic nerve and strengthen the parasympathetic nerve.

It was found that the sympathetic nerve activity of the group drinking plain water decreased significantly during sleep at the end of four weeks, which proved the improvement of sleep quality.

Study on hydrogen intervention in insomnia

In the study, diazepam was used as an effective control. Although low-concentration hydrogen inhalation is not as good as diazepam in terms of sleep duration and sleep incidence, the effect of inducing sleep incidence is similar to that of diazepam, and the effect is about 50% of that of this drug from the data point of view.

However, diazepam can cause dizziness, headache, rash, granulocytopenia, and it is easy to cause respiratory depression when it is combined with other sedative drugs. If you take such medicine, you must get the doctor’s guidance, otherwise the consequences will be worse than insomnia.Hydrogen generator breathing machine

If you choose one of the two methods of hydrogen inhalation and diazepam to improve insomnia, hydrogen inhalation is naturally a very good and gentle choice.

Hydrogen and organ damage in sleep apnea syndrome

In this study, hypoxia was used to induce kidney injury, and then hydrogen intervention was used as a control test. This research was completed by the research group of Professor Ji Ensheng of Hebei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the paper was published in the journal Molecular.

Studies have shown that hydrogen inhalation can effectively alleviate kidney injury caused by snoring, reduce serum creatinine level and improve kidney function.

Hydrogen reduces sleep apnea time and frequency.

Kanghui Medical Research Center has carried out a BBS sleep monitoring of hydrogen inhalation among people. It was observed that hydrogen inhalation for about one month (2% concentration, 2-4 hours/day) can reduce the time and frequency of sleep apnea during snoring. At present, the trend is that the more serious the patient is, the more obvious the effect is.

Hydrogen improves sleep in severe patients.

Such as tumor patients. Dean Xu Kecheng observed some cancer patients and found that hydrogen inhalation could improve the sleep of 60% of the subjects. Because these patients belong to the advanced stage of cancer, it may be that hydrogen relieves the systemic inflammatory reaction caused by cancer, and gives patients a better breathing space. Improving insomnia may be due to the overall performance of improved physical condition.


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