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Cawolo appeared at the 2022 China Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference and the 6th China International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cells and Products Exhibition

December 01,2022

The 2022 China Hydrogen Industry Conference was grandly opened today at Qiaoshan Cultural Center in Nanhai, Foshan.

 With the theme of “The Future of Hydrogen Energy in Zero Carbon China”, leaders of relevant national ministries and local governments were invited at the opening ceremony to analyze the latest industrial policy trends online and offline.

As an enterprise representative in the project signing process, Cawolo participated in the opening ceremony, and successfully completed the signing of the off-line project of 100 (200) nm/h PEM electrolyzer jointly developed by Cawolo-Guofu Hydrogen Energy Technology Equipment Co., Ltd. and the procurement project of megawatt series electrolyzers, and the signing ceremony of the core area project of “Nanhai Hydrogen Agricultural Science and Technology Innovation Current Demonstration Zone” jointly established with Foshan Kunpeng Modern Agricultural Research Institute and Guangdong Hydrogen Big Brother Agricultural Products Planting Co., Ltd.

The 6th China (Foshan) International Exhibition of Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products, held at the same time as the Hydrogen Energy Industry Conference, opened on November 15th at Qiaoshan Cultural Center. The exhibition scope of CHFE2022 basically covers the whole industrial chain of hydrogen production, storage and transportation and equipment development, fuel cells and systems, core components and materials, fuel cell vehicle manufacturing, product testing and equipment, etc.

Cawolo brought 0.5 nm/h, 1 nm/h, 50 nm/h, 100 nm/h, 200 nm/h, PEM household electrolyzers and a series of new hydrogen appliances exhibits to the exhibition.

The key equipment of the whole industry chain attracted a large number of customers and visitors to visit and negotiate.

The exhibition lasts for three days (time: (11.15-11.17), and friends from all walks of life who need hydrogen are welcome to visit-boothNo. C05-31, Nanhai+International Pavilion.

The Technology Forum will be held from November 16th to November 17th, 2022, as the concurrent activity of China Hydrogen Industry Conference.
This technical forum aims to share and exchange advanced technologies, and is divided into three sub-forums:hydrogen productionand storage, fuel cell vehicle and fuel cell technology. Dr. Vivi, a senior consultant of Cawolo, will attend the “special session on hydrogen production and storage” of this technical forum, sharing and expounding the “Industrialization Solution of Hydrogen Production and Storage and Transportation from Renewable Energy in China” with unique opinions.

“Hydrogen Listening Theater” is one of the unique brand activities of China (Foshan) International Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Technology and Products Exhibition. Through the theater organization, industry technical experts are invited to share the cutting-edge technical ideas and actual dry goods of hydrogen energy industry in the form of speeches and lectures.

As the general title enterprise of the Hydrogen Listening Theater, Cawolo will attend the morning session on the 16th, and Chang Ye, Secretary of the Board of Directors of our company, will give a keynote speech-“Application and Development of PEM Hydrogen Production Equipment in Industrial, Commercial and Family Scenes”. For more exciting content, please pay attention to relevant push information!


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