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Cawolo signed the key industrial project of strategic construction of “Fobei Double Center” in Shishan Town.

December 01,2022

Define the future of Lion Mountain with the city center!

On the evening of August 18th, the city strategy conference of “Fobei Double Center”, the center of Fobei Quality City and the highland of new industries, was held in Nanhai Sports Center, sponsored by Nanhai District Committee and District Government, and hosted by Shishan Town Committee and Town Government. Cawolo was invited to participate in the conference as a signing enterprise, and successfully completed the signing ceremony of key industrial projects, which also meant that the project of core technology industry base of PEM electrolyzed water of Cawolo Hydrogen Technology was officially put into construction.

As a professional PEM pure water hydrogen productionequipment manufacturer in China, Cawolo has been deeply involved in the  hydrogen production industry by electrolysis of water for more than 20 years, and has mastered the key technologies of proton exchange membrane electrolysis of water for hydrogen production and key components, covering the industrial/agricultural/household fields, and constantly filling the domestic gaps. At the end of 2011, Cawolo completed the introduction of industrial investors and reorganized the company to meet the development needs of the new period. It set up PEM business unit for research and development of megawatt electrolytic reactor in industrial field, and integrated domestic head partners to build the research and development capability of membrane electrode and electrolytic reactor, and carried out deep Industry-University-Research and industrial layout in key material fields such as upstream proton exchange membrane, catalyst, titanium felt and carbon felt.

In the future, after the construction of the core technology industrial headquarters base of PEM electrolyzed water of Cawolo Hydrogen Technology, the first phase plans to build an intelligent production line of 1GW of PEM electrolyzer, an integrated production line with an annual output of 500 sets of MW-class PEM hydrogen production equipment, and a consumer-grade electrolyzed water product line with an annual output of 1 million sets. The system scale is 0.5 nm3/h ~ 1,000 nm3/h, covering the whole industrial chain of PEM hydrogen production.


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