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Have you heard about Free Radicals?

May 06,2023

Free radicals are reactive, unstable molecules that are produced naturally by the body or by exposure to environmental toxins like tobacco smoke.

Much like your angsty grandchild or niece/nephew looking for their next boyfriend or girlfriend, free radicals are lonely electrons looking for another electron to attach to.

And when they can't find one, they become very desperate.

Gone rogue, these molecules start causing problems. They begin stealing electrons from other vital molecules that can subsequently attack your telomeres (protective tips on your chromosomes that guard your DNA). When this happens, they can tear holes in your DNA and/or cripple the proteins and lipids that make up your tissues.

This leads to aging, disease, and even cancer according to scientific studies.

Like we said, they're desperate, and they're creating big problems !


So… is there anything fighting off these rogue agents?

Well, yes and no. In your younger years, you were not producing as many free radicals as you are now. Your antioxidants, substances that inhibit oxidation, were once able to combat these rogue agents easily. And your Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (aka NAD) was also busy working behind the scenes to rebuild your DNA after attacks.

(It’s no wonder NAD just so happens to be the topic of conversation in Hollywood wellness right now!)

But as you’ve aged, the free radicals being produced inside your body have surpassed levels that your natural antioxidants cannot combat (causing oxidative stress). And your NAD levels have decreased significantly, leaving the repair work on your DNA untouched and open to more damage.

This means that while there is something in your body fighting the fight, they’re also losing the war.

WELL, now what?

First things first, don’t lose hope! There are some ways to help mitigate the damage of free radicals, aging, and even premature aging.

We all stress from time to time. But chronic stress and unmanaged mental, psychological, environmental, or nutritional ailments can often manifest physically in our body causing issues like inflammation or a weakened immune system.

This can lead to an increased presence of free radicals which cause advanced aging. That’s why it’s essential to find ways to reduce the stress in your environment and other aspects of your life.

H2 is the world's newest "antioxidant" star. Science has shown that it can effectively remove harmful free radicals from the body. Relieve your fatigue. Help your body get back to its best. Specific scientific papers you can check out: and-the-gut-flora-in-female-juvenile-soccer-players-from-suzhou-china

That's why we're excited to share a product that helps you fight harmful free radicals. Keep your eyes open - we'll tell you all about it in a few days!

Until then - stay positive!



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