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How does hydrogen promote health? How to use it better?

May 20,2022

At present, hydrogen has made great progress and breakthrough in biomedical field.

There are more than 1,600 academic papers and more than 100 clinical research papers. The Chinese government has also given good support and recognition to hydrogen medicine, and the public’s recognition and acceptance of hydrogen medicine is getting higher and higher. Hydrogen medicine is opening a new era of lifestyle medicine with a vigorous development and making new contributions to Healthy China 2030.

But how does hydrogen promote health?

1.It can selectively remove toxic and harmful free radicals in the body;

Hydrogen has the unique function of selectively scavenging harmful free radicals, reducing the lethality of toxic free radicals to the organism, thus preventing or reducing the harm of toxic free radicals at the source of diseases, preventing diseases and delaying cell aging.

2. It can enhance the body’s antioxidant capacity;

Hydrogen molecules can significantly increase the activities of various antioxidant enzymes (such as SOD, GSH, etc.) in the body, improve the body’s ability to resist oxidative damage, help maintain the dynamic balance of the oxidation-antioxidant system in the body, reduce the oxidative damage of cells caused by reactive oxygen species, maintain health and prolong life.

3. It can act like a signal molecule;

Hydrogen molecules can play an anti-inflammatory role, promote cell repair, and enhance immunity by activating some important signaling pathways in cells.

4. It can protect cell membrane molecules;

Hydrogen molecules can protect myocardial cells and cell membranes in many ways, reduce the damage of external harmful factors and protect organ functions.

5. It has excellent tissue diffusion ability.

Hydrogen is the molecule with the smallest molecular weight in nature. It can quickly reach all tissues of the whole body through various barriers, and it is evenly distributed throughout the body. It is easy to cross the cell membrane and enter cells to play a biological activity role, so that “lesions” have nowhere to hide and “enemies” have nowhere to hide.

Generally speaking, as an all-round physical intervention, the fundamental improvement of hydrogen may be the maladjusted state of all cells in the body, which is reflected in the whole human body as the improvement of a specific problem. Its function is not specific and single. Therefore, it does not have the characteristics of quick action and control of physiological indexes. We can’t expect its “immediate effect” and “cure the disease with medicine”. Only by persisting in long-term use can we fundamentally adjust the abnormality of the body and obtain a truly healthy body.Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Supplier

So, how can hydrogen be used better?

On this issue, Associate Professor Kang Zhimin, an expert in hydrogen medicine, once said: Different situations and ways of use are different.

For people who are in relatively normal physical condition (for example, physical examination is the high point of blood lipid), it is not necessary to absorb hydrogen, just insist on drinking hydrogen water!

For sub-health and early, middle and chronic patients, insisting on hydrogen absorption for 1-2 hours a day may have a better improvement effect.

For patients who are trying to absorb hydrogen, the use time of hydrogen can be as long as possible. Such as emphysema and senile dementia. At present, many studies have proved the protective effect of hydrogen absorption on cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer’s disease, lung injury, kidney injury, tumor and sleep.

In short, it is more important than anything else to trust the effectiveness of hydrogen and stick to its use.


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