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Hydrogen medical hydrogen absorption gas, anti-epidemic hard nuclear weapon-hydrogen and oxygen inhalation.

December 07,2021

Recently, the COVID-19 epidemic broke out in many places throughout the country. 14 provinces have reported new confirmed local cases or asymptomatic infections. There are 4 high-risk areas and 91 medium-risk areas across the country, and more than 300 people have been infected. The obvious characteristics of this round of epidemic are the fast spread of the virus, strong infection, long recovery period, and the situation of epidemic prevention and control is very grim. So how do we fight the epidemic?

On March 3, 2020, the official website of the National Health Commission released the Seventh Edition of COVID-19’s treatment Plan, which formally included hydrogen therapy in the treatment plan. It indicates that hydrogen has a therapeutic effect on pneumonia and is the only “drug” without any side effects.

According to Academician Zhong Nanshan, the hypoxia and hypoxia symptoms of COVID-19 patients can be treated by converting water into hydrogen and oxygen, and by inhaling a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. Hospitals and institutions all over the country have begun to carry out clinical trials of hydrogen and oxygen inhalation in the treatment of patients with pneumonia. Under the leadership of Academician Zhong Nanshan, 90 patients (44 inhaling hydrogen and 46 inhaling oxygen) were selected from more than 600 patients in many medical institutions to participate in the trial. It is found from the comparison of several clinical indexes that hydrogen-oxygen mixture inhalation can rapidly improve the condition and improve the prognosis of patients with viral infection. The results show that hydrogen-oxygen mixture can indeed play an important role in fighting COVID-19. Among the 633 patients with pneumonia, because some of them had no symptoms of difficulty in attraction, only 90 suitable patients were selected as the experimental control group, including 44 groups as the treatment group and 46 groups as the control group. After inhaling the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, the patient’s condition improved significantly on the second day (20.5% vs 2.3%); the relative risks of the treatment group and the control group were 9.0 and 3, respectively. The condition improved by 70.5% after hydrogen and oxygen treatment (31.8% in the control group). Dyspnea score improved, 50% in the hydrogen oxygen treatment group and 23.9% in the control group on the second day of treatment. Hydrogen-oxygen mixture therapy can improve chest tightness and chest pain. The cough scale was significantly improved on the second day and the third day in the hydrogen oxygen treatment group. After inhaling the mixture of hydrogen and oxygen, the improvement of resting oxygen saturation is more obvious.

The principle of hydrogen-oxygen mixture in the treatment of COVID-19 is that inhaling hydrogen-oxygen mixture can improve airway resistance, increase oxygen dispersion and oxygen flow, and improve the symptoms of dyspnea (acute respiratory distress). At the same time, hydrogen can also resist inflammation and inhibit cytokine storms, effectively prevent airway remodeling and pulmonary fibrosis, reduce goblet cell proliferation, improve lung function, resist the side effects of large doses of hormones, and eliminate a large number of free radicals caused by lung damage caused by virus invasion.

For severe COVID-19 patients, a traditional ventilator can support the patient’s life. The hydrogen-oxygen machine producing 3 liters of hydrogen-oxygen mixture per minute can not only improve the patient’s oxygen absorption, but also prevent multiple organ failure caused by acute inflammation caused by the virus.

Guangdong cawolo responds positively to the national policy. At present, the company has developed a variety of hydrogen and oxygen mixed inhalers to help fight the epidemic.

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