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Several viewpoints on the transformation and application of hydrogen in health management

December 01,2022

Through the development of hydrogen medicine for more than ten years, more than 1,600 papers have been accumulated.

How can these research results help us to use hydrogen for health conditioning?

 How should we establish a scientific thinking mode?

 The following points need us to know:

(1)Hydrogen is not a specific, single-target and quick-acting drug, so it is different from drugs, just like antihypertensive drugs only lower blood pressure, and lipid-lowering drugs can only lower blood lipid, while hydrogen shows multiple effects on the body. From the research papers, we can see that there are many cytokines and cell signal pathways in the body that are influenced and acted by it. Therefore, we say that its core may be “causal therapy”, that is, by improving the fundamental state of cells, the fundamental improvement of external detectable indicators can be finally achieved. Hydrogen generally does not have the characteristics of quick effect, so it takes patience to use hydrogen products.

(2)The human body is a complex organism. In order to maintain the dynamic balance of all indicators, many organ systems need to act together. Once the indicators change, it shows that the body’s ability to maintain stability is broken, such as hypertension. The increased blood pressure is just the tip of the iceberg, and the inside is the complete “rout” of many tissue and organ systems. As a professional, we should know in our hearts that the effect of western medicine on index changes is a typical “piecemeal treatment”. Chronic disease treatment without considering internal factors has been proved to be not very successful at present. Hydrogen comprehensively regulates the body, and we know that every problem is followed by a huge “iceberg”, so we won’t blindly promise the effect.

(3)When hydrogen enters the human body, the process of gradual repair and improvement of the human body is extremely complicated, and everyone will not be the same. The answers we give about various reactions with hydrogen are only based on speculation on the basis of human function, in order to give the experiencer a more appropriate explanation. We also need to know that in the process of adjustment, there may be frequent repetition of indicators and somatosensory sensations (uric acid will be high and low for a while, and you will sleep well after absorbing hydrogen today, but not tomorrow). These may be normal phenomena in the process of self-repair and renewal of cells. We only need to master one principle: be alert to severe discomfort and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular reactions (dizziness, headache, significant increase in blood pressure, etc.). Once any discomfort occurs, we should reduce the time and dosage of use as soon as possible.

“The disease is gone like a snag”, and don’t ignore risks in pursuit of short-term results.

(4)The biggest pain point of the health industry outside hospitals is that most health product experiencers need education and science popularization because of the lack of medical science popularization for decades. This is a very difficult and painful job. With long-term western medicine thinking, many people are eager for success, thinking that they will be healthy if the indicators are normal, ignoring daily health care and firmly believing that hospitals “cure all diseases” and “cure all diseases with medicine”, which is also a huge challenge to the hydrogen health industry.

(5)It should be recognized that hydrogen medicine is still very young, and most of the research results come from animal experiments, which has a huge gap with the application of people. It is not that the results of animal experiments can be directly used in human bodies (for example, recently everyone is excited that hydrogen is effective for hypertension, and this result has yet to be verified). At present, the biggest advantage of the application of hydrogen medicine research results is that hydrogen is safe enough and relatively low in cost. Under the prospect that various studies have shown that hydrogen may be beneficial to human body, the wide application of hydrogen will bring about significant improvement of national health. With the development of disciplines and the advancement of industry, we need a firm concept, a clear understanding and awe. One day, we will use big data to confirm the effect of hydrogen. At that time, hydrogen health industry will become the mainstay of health industry. Let’s wait and see.


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