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Ten Important Events in the Development of Hydrogen Medicine

December 17,2021

Now hydrogen medicine is developing rapidly, and there are more and more effective cases. What is hydrogen medicine? In fact, it is very simple; it is a change of habit.

Hydrogen molecular medicine is a new way of life for treatment and health preservation, and it may be a new mode of health management in the future. Hydrogen molecule is safe and has no side effects, so it is suitable for daily use of all ages. Long-term use can make the cells of the whole body reach a healthy and balanced state.

It can be predicted that the research on hydrogen medicine in the treatment of diseases will have a significant impact in the field of biomedicine and will make an important contribution to human health. Let’s take a look at ten important events in the development of hydrogen medicine.

1) It was reported in 1975 that hydrogen has the effect of antioxidation.

In 1975, Dole first reported that hydrogen has antioxidant effect. Breathing high-pressure hydrogen can treat skin phosphorous cell malignant tumor. They think that the reaction between hydrogen and hydroxyl radical is an exothermic process, which can produce water and hydrogen atoms.

2) June 13, 1998 “cure all diseases?! The Truth of the Magic Water. ”

On June 13, 1998, in the “Discovery Truth” album program broadcast by Japan’s Asahi TV station at 19:00, there was an episode called “cure all diseases?! “The truth of magical water”, the magical effect of water gushing in the mine was reported on the spot. The magic spring of Nordenau has become famous all over Japan.

3) In 2003, Dr. Lin Xiuguang discovered the truth of “Magic Water”.

In September 2003, Dr. Lin Xiuguang, a famous Japanese expert on electrolytic water, paid a week-long visit to Nordenau. He used the hydrogen sensor he carried with him to measure the water taken from the mine and found that it contained hydrogen. Dr. Lin Xiuguang speculated that the magic of Nordenau’s “magical water” was due to the fact that the water contained hydrogen.

4) Hydrogen molecule was found to scavenge free radicals in human body in 2007.

In 2007, Professor Naruto Ota of Japan Medical University published a paper entitled “Antioxidant treatment of hydrogen by selectively reducing cytotoxic oxygen free radicals” in the world-famous journal Natural Medicine. It was found that hydrogen can scavenge human free radicals and has a good therapeutic effect on aging and a variety of chronic diseases caused by free radicals.

5) In March 2008, Sun Xuejun wrote his first blog on the science website.

Professor Sun Xuejun, the first person in Chinese hydrogen molecular medicine, announced on the Science website blog that since the selective antioxidant effect of hydrogen was discovered in 2007, it has been proved that hydrogen has a protective effect on stroke, heart, liver, kidney, lung and other organs.

The main characteristics are antioxidant injury, anti-inflammatory injury and reduction of apoptosis. Hydrogen will not only play an important role in human health protection, but also have a significant impact on human understanding of biological phenomena.

6) In 2012, 62 diseases caused by free radicals were found to have good effects.

In 2012, 1700 researchers from 12 developed countries published 450 papers on the effects of hydrogen molecular medicine. It was found that 62 diseases caused by free radicals had good effects. At this time, the global hydrogen-rich water market has reached 22 billion US dollars.

7) The 2013 study suggests that longevity is due to the strong hydrogen production capacity of coliform bacteria.

The study found that centenarians have a very strong ability to produce hydrogen, more than three times that of ordinary healthy people. This paper analyzes the ways and possible causes of hydrogen production. One is that these centenarians may contain more ingredients that cannot be digested by the human body. On the other hand, the proportion and number of hydrogen-producing bacteria in the large intestine of these elderly people may be relatively high.

8) On March 19, 2014, the hydrogen Biomedical Sub-Professional Committee was established.

The China hydrogen Molecular Biomedical Committee is composed of authoritative experts and scholars in the industry to jointly develop the most valuable clinical applications of hydrogen molecules in the medical field. Nearly 200 experts and scholars attended the first hydrogen biomedical exchange conference, and invited authoritative experts at home and abroad, such as Japan, South Korea, the United States, the second military Medical University and the fourth military Medical University, to introduce their latest progress in the field of hydrogen biomedicine.

9) February 3, 2016, “Anti-oxidation sword rich in hydrogen”

On February 3, 2016, CCTV’s authoritative media Discovery Journey Channel “Health Camp” broadcast a scientific documentary entitled “Anti-oxidation sword rich hydrogen”, which explained in detail the important role of hydrogen-rich in anti-oxidation and maintaining human health.

10) The new book “hydrogen controlling Cancer” will be released on June 1, 2019.

The book “hydrogen Cancer Control: theory and practice” is about 250000 words, edited by Professor Xu Kecheng, a famous tumor therapist, and commented by Tang Zhaoyou, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a famous tumor foreign scientist. A number of famous medical scholars and clinical practitioners participated in the completion.

The book starts from the creation of hydrogen molecular biology and hydrogen medicine, talks about how hydrogen maintains health, and then introduces the scientific basis of hydrogen controlling cancer. Then to experimental evidence, “real world” case investigation, typical cases and vivid and touching stories of “hydrogen controlling cancer”, it is the first “real world” exploration.

At present, the research on the treatment of diseases with hydrogen has gradually become a hot spot in the world, and the discovery of the biological effects of hydrogen will have a revolutionary impact on the concept of human disease treatment and health protection.

It is believed that in the near future, hydrogen medicine will surely draw a strong stroke in the history of human medicine with its natural advantages such as effectiveness, safety, simplicity and practicality.


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