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The aging schedule of various organs of the body, hydrogen supplement may slow down the pace of aging!

June 24,2022

As we grow older, everyone is inevitably aging. Aging can be manifested in all aspects: hair loss, whitening, increased wrinkles, sagging skin, loss of luster, dizziness, deafness, stooping, physical decline, memory decline and so on.

The aging of the human body is all-round from the inside out, and all tissues and organs will have hypo function.

1. Heart: After 40’s, it becomes a high incidence of diseases.
Xu Shunlin, chief physician of Cardiovascular Department of Peking University Third Hospital, once said that men over 45 years old and women over 55 years old are more likely to have heart disease, and men’s heart is aging ten years earlier than women’s.

2. Brain: It begins to decline at the age of 35
In 2020, researchers from Munich University and other institutions in Germany pointed out in a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) that the cognitive function of human brain: at the age of 35, it will reach its peak and then start to decline; after the age of 45, the recession will obviously accelerate.

3. Lung: Accelerate aging after 40 years old
The article “Research on Lung Aging and Its Intervention” published in the Journal of Geriatrics and Health Care in 2019 mentioned that before the age of 20, it is the lung growth period and mature period. 20~25 years old to reach the best state. With the increase of age, the lung function decreases continuously, and finally “senile lung” is formed. Generally, at the age of 40, the aging of the lungs will accelerate.

4. Liver: It starts to get old after 45 years old.
In 2011, the article “Liver Aging and Clinical”, a journal of geriatrics and health care, mentioned that a study involving 20-80 years old found that the volume of liver gradually decreased with age. Compared with teenagers, the liver weight of people over 70 years old decreased by 25% on average. However, the hepatic portal vein blood flow rate and blood flow decreased with age after 45 years old. These changes also mean that the metabolic capacity of the liver is declining, and the liver is gradually aging.

5. Kidney: It begins to age slowly after 30 years old.
Cao Changchun, deputy dean of Yifu Hospital affiliated to Nanjing Medical University and an expert in nephrology, once said that when people reach middle age after the age of 30, renal function is declining. Taking glomerular filtration rate as an indicator of renal function, a normal person loses about 0.5-1 ml every year after the age of 30 when it is 100 ml per minute. If there are some unfavorable factors such as basic diseases or unscientific lifestyle, and there are high risk factors for kidney damage, then the decline of kidney function will be faster.

6. Muscle: It starts to lose after the age of 30
In 2012, the article “Research Progress of Muscle Attenuation Syndrome” published in the international journal of geriatrics mentioned that after the age of 30, muscles lose 1~5% every year. After the age of 60, the muscle strength decreases by 3~5% every year. After the age of 70, the muscle strength of elderly women will drop by 50~70%. While muscle loss will affect normal function by 30%, and loss of 40% will threaten life.

How to slow down the pace of aging?

Talk about hydrogen anti-aging!
Aging begins with a DNA damage of a cell, a redox reaction, a gene mutation and the release of a group of inflammatory factors.

These changes are closely related to every cell. For example, various forms of staying up late or mental stress such as anxiety and depression, will damage the function of mitochondria in cells, increase the level of oxidation reaction, and also affect the repair of damaged DNA, and even shorten the telomeres on DNA.

Hydrogen molecule has biological effects such as anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-apoptosis and cell repair, and can selectively neutralize free radicals harmful to human body. It can easily penetrate the cell membrane into any part such as nucleus and mitochondria, and excrete harmful free radicals in cells through cell membrane channels. Since the discovery of the biological effect of hydrogen, a large number of studies have shown that hydrogen has an intervention effect on many diseases, and some studies have suggested that hydrogen has an anti-aging effect.

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On July 29th, 2016, Dr. Fumihiko Hara, a scholar at Toho University School of Medicine in Japan, published a paper in Circulation Journal, the official journal of Japan Circulation Society, proving the antagonistic effect of hydrogen on endothelial cell aging.

There are many researches on hydrogen anti-aging in the field of skin. For example, human experiments have proved that hydrogen bath can make skin wrinkles shallower, indicating that hydrogen has the effect of delaying skin aging.

Another related research is that Japanese scholars found that the concentration of hydrogen in the breath of some centenarians and their children is much higher than that of ordinary people, suggesting that hydrogen in the body may be related to longevity.

Hydrogen molecule has been proved to be a safe and effective antioxidant for cells and genes, which can act on cells, tissues and the whole body. It was found that hydrogen had antioxidant effect, activated anti-aging protein sirt1, promoted AKT phosphorylation, increased glucose uptake in cells, and obviously activated telomerase.

Of course, aging is a slow process that continues to happen, and any means must be through long-term effects to really solve the problem. The same is true for improving the state of hydrogen cells, and it will take many years to have an ideal effect.


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