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The handover ceremony was held for the base project of core technology industry of electrolyzed water in Cawolo PEM.

December 01,2022

On the morning of September 1st, Shishan held the ceremony of centralized land handing-over for key investment projects.

 Panshi, member of the Standing Committee of Nanhai District Committee, executive deputy district head and secretary of Shishan Town Committee, Xia Zehong, secretary of the Party Committee of Nanhai Economic Promotion Bureau, Mai Manliang, deputy secretary and mayor of Shishan Town Committee, Lei Jiewen, deputy secretary and director of Nanhai Administrative Service Center, Guo Changcheng, chief planner of Nanhai Branch of Foshan Natural Resources Bureau, He Junqi, deputy director of Nanhai Garden Administration of Foshan High-tech Zone, and other leaders attended the handover. Lin Yongchun, chairman and general manager of Cawolo, attended the handover ceremony as a representative of the enterprise, and signed a contract with the district and town on behalf of the base project of core technology industry headquarters of PEM electrolyzed water in Cavolo.

“After the city’s Lion Mountain strategy conference, we are all more optimistic about the development of Lion Mountain.” Lin Yongchun, chairman and general manager of Cawolo, said. Since the launch of the project of core technology industry base of PEM electrolyzed water in Cawolo, it has been highly valued and supported by the district and town governments.

The services provided by the district and town governments to enterprises are in place and grounded, which is a good choice for enterprises to invest and develop.

The timely delivery of the construction land of this project provides an important guarantee for the next comprehensive and substantial construction ofPEM electrolyzed water project, and lays a solid foundation for the project to achieve the overall construction goal. With the progress goal as the guide, Cawolo will comprehensively accelerate the development of hydrogen production technology from PEM electrolyzed water in Hainan, and contribute to the development strategic plan of “Fobei Double Center” city in Shishan Town and the national energy security.


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