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The healthy use of hydrogen, summed up these three points must be known!

December 01,2022

In recent years, with the continuous progress of hydrogen biology research and the popularization of hydrogen health concept, many people have little knowledge or even in-depth understanding of hydrogen medicine.

When it comes to the effect of hydrogen on human body, many hydrogen friends can also talk about it in Kan Kan, such as: hydrogen scavenging malignant oxygen free radicals, anti-inflammation, anti-aging, anti-tumor, penetration of blood-brain barrier and so on.

Indeed, since the development of hydrogen medicine, remarkable achievements have been made from basic to clinical, from research to application. Hydrogen can play a role in preventing and treating disease damage by resisting oxidation, reducing apoptosis and inhibiting inflammatory reaction. The “magic” and “unique” advantage of hydrogen lies in its safety, effectiveness, convenience and sufficiency; Hydrogen can penetrate the biofilm to the nucleus and mitochondria, and can penetrate the blood-brain barrier through gas diffusion to quickly reach the lesion. In short, there are too many things to talk about when talking about hydrogen health!

So what can hydrogen help us?

These three points summarized by Professor Sun Xuejun in the article “The Logic of People Not Being Sick depends on Hydrogen” are easy to understand.

First of all, hydrogen is a health promoter.
Tools used for health must be safe and non-toxic. The safety of hydrogen to people is very high, and there is sufficient research evidence. Anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation may have preventive effect on many diseases, which makes hydrogen an ideal health promoter. It can even be said that hydrogen is a sacred product of health.

Secondly, hydrogen is an antidote.
Excessive exercise, air pollution, drug toxicity, and various toxic and harmful factors in the internal and external environment can all be harmful to the body. The root of these poisons is free radicals and inflammation. Hydrogen can be used as a buffer against these toxic factors. In application, it is used to relieve sports injuries and fatigue, relieve the toxic side effects of drugs, and combat the toxic pollution of air and environment.

Hydrogen is used as a daily auxiliary detoxification tool.

Finally, hydrogen is used as an assistant for disease intervention.
Conventional clinical treatment means, surgery, medicine, physical and chemical tools, all play a role in disease treatment from all angles. But not only the treatment itself may have harmful and toxic problems, but the complexity of the disease makes it difficult for any tools and drugs to fully cover it. As a safe steady-state maintenance factor, hydrogen can play a very important role as an auxiliary method for routine treatment.

In short, hydrogen is not a drug, but it can fill the shortcomings of drugs, and play an irreplaceable role in health promotion, disease prevention, toxin elimination, and auxiliary intervention.


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