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Water Cup, Water Dispenser, Packaged Hydrogen Water; Reference Materials for Selection of Hydrogen Aquatic Products!

May 27,2022

At present, in the market of hydrogen health products, hydrogen water is overwhelming, and its types are various, which makes it difficult to choose. Let’s take a look at Professor Sun Xuejun of Naval Medical University’s personal views from the perspective of hydrogen medical researchers for your reference.

Hydrogen is a classic product of hydrogen health, which originated from electrolyzed water.

Japanese people have been drinking alkaline electrolyzed water for nearly a century, but they didn’t know the essence of electrolyzed water in the past. The discovery of medical effect of hydrogen provided a scientific explanation for electrolyzed water and made electrolyzed water evolve into more product types.

Hydrogen cup comes from miniaturization of electrolyzer.

Start direct electrolysis of water with electrodes, regardless of positive or negative. The electrolyzer will separate the positive and negative electrolyzed water, the positive electrolyzed acidic water will be used for disinfection or waste, and the negative electrolyzed alkaline electrolyzed water will be used for drinking. Acidic water is toxic and may not do much harm to people, but electrolyzed water with both positive and negative poles is obviously not an ideal mode. In order to solve the harmful components produced by the positive pole, some reducing agents or adsorbents were used in the early hydrogen cup for improvement, but there are still potential safety hazards after long-term use. With the progress of technology, the positive and negative electrodes of hydrogen cups are gradually separated by diaphragm, which has achieved the long-term goal of electrolyzers in the past.

Safety of Hydrogen Cup Materials

Generally, metal materials are used for electrodes in hydrogen cups. Although the surface is plated with inert materials, electrolysis is a very strong redox reaction. After a long time, the electrode materials are easily corroded, and some metal ions will be dissolved into water after corrosion. To solve these problems, there are many technical requirements for materials and process design, resulting in few truly safe and reliable hydrogen cups on the market.

Safe cups are often more expensive.

It is understood that if a pure titanium nail is used in a cup, it will cost 50 yuan. There are at least 4 such nails in a cup. Some also adopt split design, that is, hydrogen production and mixed hydrogen water are physically isolated. Therefore, high quality requires high cost, and safe cups are often more expensive.

Although the concentration and even appearance of hydrogen are important, they are not the most critical. Safety is the most critical thing for hydrogen water and all healthy products. When it comes to hydrogen water, the most important thing is the safety of materials. You must never do bad behaviors that harm your health under the guise of the concept of hydrogen. I don’t know anything about technology and materials. Usually, I simply doubt the quality of cups that are too cheap, and no one does the business of losing money.

There are many types of hydrogen machines:

One is the type gradually improved from the past electrolyzer.
Of course, the mature electrolyzer in the past was also sold under the name of hydrogen electrolyzer. The hydrogen concentration of electrolyzed water in the early days was often not too high, and now the situation is getting better and better with the improvement of technology.Cawolo Hydrogen Water Machine Supplier

Another mode is to adopt physical mixing technology.
That is, the machine is divided into hydrogen manufacturing or storage module and gas-liquid mixing module. This method completely avoids the hidden danger of electrochemical reaction by-products of direct electrode mixing into drinking water, and it belongs to a very safe hydrogen-water manufacturing mode in design. However, the manufacturing cost of this mode is relatively high, so there are fewer types of products at first. Now, there are more and more hydrogen-water machines in this mode on the market, which is a manifestation of the gradual recognition and rationality of the market.

There are also two types of packaged hydrogen water:

One is small package; it is mainly packaged in cans, aluminum bottles and small bags.
The small packaging mode has a history of more than 10 years, and its cost and transportation cost are relatively high. However, this mode is very convenient to use and has a relatively stable market. Personally, I prefer this way. The main problem of packaged hydrogen water is its high price. It is hoped that large daily sales companies will enter this field in the future, which will reduce the cost of this kind of hydrogen water and gradually replace ordinary mineral water to enter ordinary people’s homes.

One is a high-pressure hydrogen bucket.
In recent two years, bottled hydrogen water began to appear. This method is characterized in that the water bucket can maintain a certain high pressure, which can effectively improve the hydrogen concentration in water. However, this method is not suitable for large-scale centralized production, and it is not convenient for long-term storage. The history of this method is still relatively short, and some possible problems have not been fully exposed.

In short, there are many types of hydrogen water products. As long as the hydrogen concentration reaches a certain requirement, for example, more than 1ppm, it is quite good, and basically all of them can be used. Relatively speaking, ordinary people can try using canned or bottled water first, and it is more appropriate to use the recommended hydrogen water machine for a long time.


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