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What’s the difference between inhaling hydrogen and inhaling oxygen?

May 27,2022

Oxygen inhalation is no stranger to everyone. So, what about hydrogen inhalation?

It is popular to suck hydrogen now. With the recognition and trust of hydrogen medicine and hydrogen health, a simple lifestyle medicine, more and more people have brought themselves a higher quality of healthy life by experiencing hydrogen products.

But for hydrogen friends who are new to hydrogen medicine, one question they always ask is:

What is the difference between hydrogen inhalation and oxygen inhalation?

Oxygen inhalation can correct the anoxic state caused by various reasons.

There are some basic concepts that we need to know first:

Oxygen is a necessary substance for the metabolism of human tissues and the maintenance of life activities. When the oxygen supply of the body is insufficient, symptoms such as restlessness and pulse acceleration may occur. Oxygen inhalation can increase the oxygen concentration in the inhaled gas and the oxygen content in the blood, thereby increasing the oxygen concentration or oxygen partial pressure in alveoli, improving the anoxic state of the body and making up for the increase of oxygen demand under pathological conditions.

Pregnant women can take oxygen, surgical patients can take oxygen, elderly and frail chronic patients can take oxygen, first aid can take oxygen, athletes can take oxygen. In short, and many cases can take oxygen.

In a word, oxygen inhalation is methods that can correct the anoxic state caused by various reasons and maintain the life activities of the organism.

Hydrogen absorption can regulate the pathological condition or aging of cells caused by various reasons.
The main culprit of cell morbidity or aging is excess oxygen free radicals.

In life, due to some diseases, trauma, irregular life, smoking, alcoholism, strenuous exercise, poor mental health, environmental pollution and other reasons, coupled with the weakening of the ability of human body to remove oxygen free radicals, it will lead to the accumulation of oxygen free radicals in human body, and a large number of oxygen free radicals will bring invisible health harm to human body.

Hydrogen molecules have been found to neutralize oxygen free radicals. Hydrogen molecules can quickly diffuse in the body, enter various large biological molecules such as protein, and selectively remove harmful reactive oxygen species, especially hydroxyl radicals, making hydrogen an effective biological antioxidant, and regulating the pathological or aging conditions of cells caused by various reasons.

When do you inhale hydrogen and when do you inhale oxygen?

Healthy people, there is no need to take oxygen

The advantage of oxygen inhalation is to directly increase the oxygen content of arterial blood. But healthy people (the oxygen saturation is within the normal range) don’t need special oxygen inhalation, because the oxygen concentration in the air is 21%. When oxygen diffuses through the alveoli through this concentration, its speed is very fast, and it is completely enough for normal people to inhale ordinary air.

If high-flow oxygen is added, discomfort such as headache and nausea may occur. In addition, too high oxygen concentration may even lead to oxygen poisoning or other complications.

Oxygen inhalation is mainly aimed at people with severe respiratory diseases, severe lung diseases, and severe heart diseases complicated with cardiac insufficiency, so ordinary people should try not to take oxygen by themselves.

 Hydrogen absorption health care, available to everyone

At present, hydrogen is an excellent antioxidant which can reach the nucleus and has selective oxidation resistance. Hydrogen absorption can remove toxic free radicals such as hydroxyl free radicals in the body. Has anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptosis effects; It can regulate blood lipid metabolism and lipoprotein function, etc.

Hydrogen Inhalation Machine Manufacturer.

In a word, hydrogen absorption is a good health care method, which can reduce malignant oxygen free radicals, delay aging, and even avoid or reduce the risk of serious diseases. And hydrogen is very safe. At present, almost no toxic and side effects of hydrogen are found, so it can be said that it can be used by everyone.

Of course, at the beginning of hydrogen absorption, it is recommended to adopt a step-by-step strategy, starting with a low flow rate and a short time. If there is no discomfort, gradually increase the flow and time.


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